Sporting de Huelva, the football club in the women’s league that will receive the most aid from the CSD

Sporting de Huelva leads the aid in the women's league. The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has published the proposal for a definitive resoluti

Sporting de Huelva leads the aid in the women’s league. The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has published the proposal for a definitive resolution of the aid to clubs and Sports Public Limited Companies (SAD) participating in the new Women’s Professional Soccer League (Lpff) for a value of 16 million euros, to undertake the structural improvements necessary for the competition, financed by European funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The three independent teams will be the ones that will have the most help. Sporting de Huelva will finally receive 1.4 million, 12,642 euros more than Madrid CFF. The third team to complete the aid podium is CF Akeki from Tenerife, with 1.3 million euros. On the other hand, Atlético de Madrid will receive 1.2 million euros. Levante UD, Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Sevilla FC and Villarreal CF will also receive grants of over one million euros. Of these items, one million euros will be used for maintenance costs, while the rest will be for adaptation and improvement of facilities.

With this investment, which is part of the social plan of the sports sector of the European funds, Lpff clubs will be able to build, adapt and maintain projects such as the substitution of artificial grass for natural grass and its maintenance, works to expand and improve stands, car parks and changing rooms, adjoining facilities for training and training athletes, such as gyms and infirmaries , areas for media and television broadcasts and improvements in the field of energy efficiency, among others.

The proposal for the distribution of funds comes after the call for aid through a resolution of the Presidency of the CSD and after a process in which the applications submitted have gone through an Assessment Commission, a Provisional Resolution Proposal and a Minutes and Report. Since the publication of the Final Resolution Proposal, yesterday afternoon, the clubs and SAD now have ten days to determine if they accept them.

This announcement comes just one year after the CSD Board of Directors unanimously approved the professional league qualification for the highest women’s soccer category. This cataloging, which has allowed the creation of the Lpff, requires the implementation of a set of measures that guarantee standards of quality, equality and sustainability of the competition. Among these measures are the infrastructures and equipment that the entities that make up and compete in the league must have.

“They told us that there would be no professional league and there is; They told us that we would not achieve unanimity, and we achieved it: we are creating something very big between the institutions, the clubs, the players, the media and the spectators”, remarked the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco.