Start of the Football Seminar with high-ranking speakers

The Assembly Hall of the City of Football de Ceuta has hosted this afte

The Assembly Hall of the City of Football de Ceuta has hosted this afternoon the start of the ‘Ciudad de Ceuta’ Football Seminar organized in express time by the Real Madrid Coaches Committee Spanish Football Federation.

Almost fifty coaches of all levels have registered to participate in this activity, which has had three high-ranking speakers such as Miguel Ángel Serrano Niño, Iñaki Alonso and Miguel Ángel Portugal.

Among the attendees were part of the coaching staff of the Ceuta Sports Association such as its sports director Víctor González and ‘Perita’, Carlos Orue, the veteran Tayo and other technicians such as Abel Almagro from CD Polillas or some women’s soccer players such as Virginia Vicente.

The opening ceremony of the Football Seminar was opened by Iván Chaves who thanked everyone for participating and the speakers for having agreed to participate in this event in record time.

Subsequently, it was the turn of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Antonio García Gaona, who, like Chaves, thanked the speakers for their presence in our city, a welcoming city and they will experience it intensely over these two days, and congratulated the coaches ensuring that “it is very difficult to be a coach in a city like Ceuta”.

After the inauguration of the event, the first presentation began by Miguel Ángel Serrano Niño, director of the Madrid Football Federation’s School of Trainers and, as Iván Chaves announced, “trainer of trainers”.

Serrano Niño’s presentation dealt with the game model: “The path to success from the coach’s idea”.

Subsequently, it was the turn of Iñaki Alonso as head of child protection at Athletic Club de Bilbao who spoke about the protection of children in sport: “The legal and ethical duty for sports entities”.

About Iñaki Alonso, the director of the School, Iván Chaves has commented that Iñaki Alonso had done his military service in our city and that he had played in the Empire of Ceuta.

The third of the speakers was Miguel Ángel Portugal, UEFA Pro coach with a career in teams such as Real Valladolid, Rácing de Santander, Real Madrid or Granada CF, who spoke about the weekly microcycle as a competitive period.

Portugal also had its anecdote in our city since his last goal as an active player was scored in the ‘Alfonso Murube’ as a Córdoba player.