State clubs, new soccer mold

Clubs with sponsorships from state companies Just as there are teams that belong to investme

Clubs with sponsorships from state companies

Just as there are teams that belong to investment funds where most of the money comes from state companies, there are clubs that simply have the sponsorship of said companies. The nations that maintain the most ties of this nature are the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Teams sponsored by fly emirates they receive money from the UAE. The parent company of said airline is the Emirates Group, a state-owned organization. Examples of Fly Emirates sponsored teams are:

  • real Madrid
  • Arsenal
  • lyons
  • Milan
  • benfica

Similarly, Qatar Airways, the most important airline in the host country of the 2022 World Cup, is owned by the government of that country and sponsors several soccer clubs, including:

  • Bayern Munchen
  • Boca Juniors
  • Barcelona
  • PSG

In a world where it is not possible to compete financially against these giants sponsored by the surplus money of state companies, the richest will begin to monopolize the talent -as is already the case-, the infrastructure and, perhaps in a moment, the results in their favor .

If it is not with big bills and paying termination clauses, the monopolize the talent in free agency with much juicier contract offers than their competitors. Wherever you look, these new business models propose a football ecosystem that is very different from the one that remains until now.

List of state clubs in the world:

New York City FC (City Football Group)

Melbourne City, Australia (City Football Group)

Yokohama F. Marinos, Japan (City Football Group, 20%)

Girona, Spain (City Football Group)

Lommel FC, Belgium (City Football Group)

Troyes AC, France (City Football Group)