Steph Curry and Antetokounmpo fear surprise NBA contender

The NBA season is already

The NBA season is already highlighting the big disappointments of the season, which may again include the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, but also surprise contenders to win the ring, such as the Boston Celtics. Although the team led by Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown did not undertake any renowned signing during the last transfer period, his start to the season is being sensational and, although many did not place those of Brad Stevens Among the favorites to win the title, the first month of the campaign completed reveals such a possibility.

It is true that the bets placed Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks as favorites to reign again in the NBA, but these two franchises know that the Celtics have been stomping the presence of their two star players further strengthens that surprise bid to win what would be the 18th ring in Massachusetts franchise history.

Nor should it be detracted from this premise that Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo have started the course like a charm. Both the point guard from Akron and the Greek center are averaging more than 30 points per game and, despite the fact that the level of their teammates is not being as expected, they are justifying in each game why the Warriors and Bucks have many options to achieve glory at the end of the season.

For now, Boston Celtics is the team in the entire competition that has the best record of wins and losses this season, 11-3and the level of its two stars, in addition to the defensive power exhibited by the team, is already a cause for great concern for Curry, Antetokounmpo, Embiid or Donovan Mitchell, other stars who have started the season at a stratospheric level.

In view of the aforementioned, it is necessary to remember that the Celtics were already on the verge of winning the ring last season, but the Warriors did not give the franchise that wears green an option. Now, those of Steve Kerr They are the ones who fear coming across this squad in a hypothetical final, although there is still a lot to be done and this dynamic could take an unexpected turn.

For now, Boston’s bid to win the title is already a reality.