Steve Kerr, the new Lord of the Rings of the NBA

Lyou Golden State Warriors consolidated as the new great nba dynast. Tonight they got their fourth title in eight years, after three seasons of no

Lyou Golden State Warriors consolidated as the new great dynast. Tonight they got their fourth title in eight years, after three seasons of not being able to be crowned. But also, since the arrival of his current backbone: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Dreymond Green on the pitch, led by Steve Kerrthe team added an impressive run of five consecutive finals between 2015 and 2018, of which they were crowned in three.

I did it for Kerr with a team that had almost four decades of mediocrity has been impressive, to the point that they are currently the third winningest team of all time with seven titles, behind only Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celticswhich have 17 championships each.

But that’s not all, the four titles of Kerr as Coach they only correspond to half of his successful career: as a player, he won another five titles and was part of two other dynasties: the second stage of the Chicago Bulls and the start of the San Antonio Spurs of David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

Interestingly, in his stage as a player, Kerr He was never a starter with these teams, as he was a situation player, a specialist in long distance shots. Despite this, Kerr he won 667 games always as a substitute, a league record for the most wins coming off the bench and only another legendary substitute, the Argentine, came close to matching him Manu Ginbili.

The most striking thing about the career of Kerr is that he barely started 33 games of the more than 1,000 he played in his long career. In fact, the five seasons he played with the Bull’snever started a match as a starter.

In the spurs I participated four seasons and only started one game. Finally militated with the Cleveland Cavaliers four other seasons, where he managed to start 32 times. Kerr finished his career with Orlando Magic and Phoenix Sunsone season in each team, always from the bench.

Furthermore, during his transition between the Bull’s and the Spurs, Kerry won four of those five rings in a row: three with the Bull’s in 1996 and 1998 in the second tri-championship headed by Michael Jordan and in 1999 he went to the Spurs, where he coincided with the arrival of Tim Duncan to participate in his first title in franchise history.

Steve Kerr and his tragic Lebanese origin

Other peculiarities in the career of Steve Kerrthroughout his 16 years as a professional player, are that he was not born in the USAbut in lebanon and is the son of a professor at the University of Arab History, in a long family tradition of professors at the American University of Lebanon for 40 years, only interrupted by the World War II when the Kerr family returned to the United States.

Malcolm Kerr, father of Stevegraduated from Princeton and returned to Lebanon where he taught at the American University for 3 years, before returning to the United States to work in UCLA where he remained for the next two decades.

In fact, in that period I wrote several books like “The Arab Cold War” or “Islamic Reform“combining his work with stays in middle East. In these works he was deeply critical of the fundamentalist movements that were beginning to become popular among the societies of these countries.

In 1982, Malcolm Kerr I received the American University Presidency in Lebanon where he held the post for 17 months. Unfortunately, on January 18, 1984, he was shot twice in the head inside the American University of Lebanon at the hands of two members of the fundamentalist group Hezbol.