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Stove Football 2021 – Transfers: Dani Alves and his future: “I like challenges, I want to go to a place where I can win”

Stove Football 2021 – Transfers: Dani Alves and his future: “I like challenges, I want to go to a place where I can win”

Daniel Alves is he fashion name in stove football, both nationally and internationally. The Brazilian winger parted ways with FC Barcelona with whom he played the last six months and is looking for a new team. Among the ensembles that have sounded are the Real Valladolid, Arab soccer, the Seattle Sounders of the MLS and the Pumas of the UNAM. Before the wave of rumors, the Amazon multi-champion made it clear what he wants for his future.

“I like the challenges and I adapt to any situation. Interesting things have come up, I’m studying them“, he revealed in an interview for Guardian.

This idea is also reaffirmed in talk with the Dutch media The Telegraph.

“I’m doing my study on places to go (to play) that have a good level of competitiveness. This is soccer. You have to get together with people who want the same goal, who want to compete, win. I like to win and I want to go somewhere where I can win.”

Dani Alves in search of his third World Cup

The idea of Daniel Alves it is keep your level to be able to be brazilian national team in the next Qatar World Cup 2022.

“Everyone talks about my age, that I am old, that 20 years ago everyone loved me and not today. But I completely disagree because I have an experience that I did not have 20 years ago. When there’s a big game, 20-year-olds get nervous and worried, but I don’t. Age has its pros and cons. Maturity comes only from living. I also have the experience of having lived almost everything in the sport.”

He did not like how his dismissal from Barcelona was handled

Daniel Alves confirm that your second goodbye to FC Barcelonathe team that hired him for the second half of last season and with which he did not renew his bond, was not sad, but would have liked it to be otherwise.

“I left glad having returned to Barcelona. I dreamed for five years of living that second moment. The only thing I didn’t like was how my dismissal was handled. Since I arrived I made it very clear that I wanted things to be done up front, without hiding things. But this club has sinned in recent years. Barcelona don’t care about the people who made history in the club. as culé I would like Barcelona to do things differently. The club needs to improve the work outside the field. The mentality is totally opposite to what we built a few years ago. Everything that happens on the field is a reflection of what happens outside. Am eternally grateful to Xavi and the president for bringing me back.”

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