Success of the vaccination in Mestalla: “He came to football and he caught me in passing”

The immunization campaign left the stations yesterday and went to look for the stragglers on the streets without any prior appointment. And he found them at the gates of , before a Valencia-Real Madrid. The sequence is the mixture of a afternoon in which, for a moment, terms such as play-offs or puncture were more directed to the fight against the coronavirus than to its football signifiers.

“It is an opportunistic vaccination, to go where people go and take advantage of events like this one,” says Álvaro Bonet, manager of the Clínico-Malvarrosa health department, who admits that the idea arose from the need to increase protection in age groups between 25 and 40 years, “who have lower vaccination rates than we would like.”

The images of the queues and the experiences of those waiting at the foot of the blood donation bus turned into a vaccination center yesterday show that the experience was a with more than a hundred people, although they had taken up to 500 doses of Pfizer and Modern Because yes, there are people who wanted to be vaccinated, they had not done it in the usual points and they did it yesterday in a tent in front of the Mestalla. Reasons? Everything: from errors in the appointment (many after being infected in summer, on the verge of being immunized) to repeated inability to attend the ordinary calls.

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This has been the vaccination at the gates of Mestalla before the game and the previous one of Valencia-Madrid
JM Lopez

Gabriel Sales, 21, is one of the first cases and also one of the earliest in the line: “I wanted to get vaccinated, but after passing the covid they canceled the appointments I had and they have not called me again.” “I had missed the previous appointments for the second dose because I was always caught out of town for work reasons and there was no time to get vaccinated on weekends,” says Charlie, 49.

For Rafa, 43, the end of Sunday was “complete” because after getting immunized, the day ended in the stands of Mestalla. He also passed the covid, he was not summoned again and having planned to attend the game he decided to go through the operation set up by the council beforehand. “I used to play, I used to always catch myself on vacation,” admits Mario Luque, 19 years old.

Different was the situation of Antonio and Katherine, Hondurans, who complain that “there has been no way” for them to summon them. “We have always wanted to get vaccinated, but the health center did not solve the situation for us because we were not registered.” Yesterday, however, they scored a goal against the virus and won their particular match against the bureaucracy.