Sueca hosts the finals of the regional boxing championships

Next Saturday, May 7, starting at 6:

Next Saturday, May 7, starting at 6:00 p.m., the covered pavilion of Sueca will host the finals of the regional boxing and the fifth edition of the Fernando Riera trophy. The boxing event will also serve as a tribute to Dimas Vázquez, the mayor’s grandfather and coach of great athletes, including Riera himself, an Olympian in 1960.

Riera’s son, expressed yesterday, during the presentation of the evening, his enthusiasm for the event: «Taking advantage of the organization of these finals in Sueca, I came up with the idea of ​​dedicating this tribute to a person who had a very positive influence on my father , with whom he had a great connection, as well as many other boxers in the city. Thanks to Dimas Vázquez, my father managed to get to where he did, like other athletes like my uncle, Paco Ferri. Our city deserves it for having been a city of impressive boxing quality.”