takes Tatum’s place and challenges Curry

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There are still several weeks to go The new NBA season officially starts and at the moment the transfer market is what is dominating the front page and the attention of most fans. The future of Kevin Durant, of Westbrook… there are many open unknowns but there are some players who are very clear about what their year is going to be like and who, in fact, are already setting personal and very ambitious challenges for themselves. That is the case of Anthony Edwards, the shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who looks to be among the best all year in the competition.

The American has a winning gene and in his third season with the team Minnesota looks strong enough to catch a important role within the squad and shouldering much of the success sportsman who have to reach this squad. Nothing scares him and he trusts his individual qualities so much that he sees himself not only being called to play the all-star but he also wants to be an important man in this event that brings together the best stars in the entire NBA: “Personally, I want to start this year in the All Star, I want my numbers to improve to win many games and go far in the playoffs”.

It does not wrinkle at all and therefore poses very important individual and collective challenges Anthony Edwards, who is aware that he can make a leap in quality important this year: “I am still a nobody, surely in two or three seasons I will understand exactly what I have to do to be the best I can be, now I am discovering how to do it and things are going very well”, he said about his preparation.

In this way, Edwards wants to be someone important in the All Star and take the place of people like Tatum, Wiggins or Young, who were starters this past year, and face each other against the opposing team that was made up of LeBron James, Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, DeRozan and Nikola Jokic. The shooting guard is anxious for the season to start and get down to work.