Tangamanga II, with drag race track and golf course

Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona announced the creation of a new museum in San Luis Potosí, a space dedicated to the art of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as a golf course open to the public and a track for acceleration races, within of the comprehensive rehabilitation carried out at the Tangamanga Uno and Tangamanga Dos State Centers for Culture and Recreation.

The president made a tour of the first park to supervise the progress of the works that have been carried out since last September 26 and that will be concluded during the first half of February, including the comprehensive rescue of the City Theater, as well as its two monumental entrances.

He informed that the lighting works of the Park are well advanced, which will make it possible for the hours to be extended from 06:00 to 22:30; There will be free internet, as well as the construction of the children’s area and the area for pets that will have two spaces, one for small dogs and the other for medium and large breeds. As a whole they will have an area of ​​two hectares -20 thousand square meters-.

Once the Uno works are finished, the rehabilitation of Tangamanga Dos will begin, where the first free golf course in the country will be built.

The young president said that a track for acceleration races “equipped like the professionals” will be built in the park’s racetrack, to avoid that public roads continue to be used for that purpose.