TaylorMade Golf Announces the Hi-Toe 3, Expanding the Wedge’s Versatility

Hi-Toe 3 © TaylorMade Golf Taylor Made Golfthe industry leader in innovation and technology, today announces

Hi-Toe 3 © TaylorMade Golf

Taylor Made Golfthe industry leader in innovation and technology, today announces the all-new Hi-Toe 3the latest evolution of the wedge hi-toe of the company tested on the Tour. With an intense focus on versatility and added performance on shots closer to the green, engineers have designed a club capable of producing the full repertoire of short game shots. From low throw, high spin shots to wide open face lobs, the Hi-Toe 3 has been meticulously designed to help golfers unleash creativity and save shots around the green.


‘Up and down’ shots to save par can have a more significant impact than birdies. That is why there are so many among the best players in the world with the best short games in the world. What are the keys to being effective in those crucial moments around the green?

These start with versatility and imagination: the originality to envision a variety of shots along with the tools and confidence to pull them off.

The history of hi-toe It started on the Tour, when our product and engineering teams worked directly with the athletes on the Tour. Team TaylorMade to develop the original design in 2018. Their main demand was versatility.

“All of our athletes have given us great input individually, but collectively they all wanted something versatile. They wanted a single wedge that could work around the greens from deep rough, thick grass, multi-sand bunkers, in wet conditions, and from tricky flats. That’s a lot to pack into a single design, but with the Hi-Toe 3 we’ve done just that.”

Bill PriceDirector of Product Creation, Wedges and Putters

Design Hi-Toe 3 produces a higher center of gravity that is designed for a lower launch and more spin, offering even better control and spin properties through full swings.


The advanced versatility of Hi-Toe 3 It starts with the four-way cambered sole, which remains a fixture of the original design. Its unique geometry allows for a wide sole and the forgiveness associated with high bounce, while maintaining a low leading edge, making it playable from difficult planes and visually appealing to top players. The lowered trailing edge adds to the versatility by allowing golfers to easily and comfortably open the face to manipulate loft, trajectory and spin on their short shots. the big stretch marks ZTP RAW Grooves They feature more developed spokes for optimal spin in a variety of conditions.

The new elements that reinforce the versatility of the Hi-Toe 3 They include the expansion of full-length ridges at all lofts above 54°, and the addition of raised micro ribs.

– Full Length Stretch Marks: Full-length grooves on 54° wedges and higher lofts help generate spin around the green when the face is positioned wide on shorter shots. This is the first time taylormade offers full length grooves, extended across the entire face, in a 54° wedge.

– Elevated Micro Nerves: Milled ribs between the full grooves add texture to the face, and are designed to increase spin and performance on partial shots around the green. This technology was first introduced in the wedge milled grind 3 of taylormadeand has now been added to the family hi-toe.

An aged copper finish adds a premium aesthetic, which will blend beautifully with the oxidizable RAW face over time.


The Hi-Toe 3 is available to order now in stores with a suggested retail price of 189 Euros. The Hi-Toe 3 comes standard with the shaft KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (115g) and the grip Lamkin Crossline 360 ​​Round 52g (with grey/blue/black cap).

The Hi-Toe 3 it is available with standard bounce (50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°), low bounce (58° and 60°) and high bounce (58° and 60°).


Via MyHi-Toe 3 A number of additional customization elements are available, allowing golfers to create the wedge completely to their liking. They can choose from four different finishes, including classic polished copper, chrome, black and rustable (raw), before selecting text, logos and fill paint, to create a purely unique design.

The full list of customizable options includes:

– Finish
– Grip
– Rod
– Length
– Custom text
– Loft and Bounce
– Custom Paint Fills: Logos, Icons, Carbon Steel, Hosel Rings and Text


The MyHi-Toe 3 It is available to order now at taylormadegolf.co.uk and taylormadegolf.eu with a suggested retail price of 219 Euros. Custom shaft options include Project XT 6.0 (s), KBS S Taper Black (s), KBS C-Taper T (s), KBS C-Taper Lite (s), KBS Tour T (s), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue(s), True Temper DG105(s), True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Black(s), KBS Hi Rev 2.0 115g(w), and True Temper Dynamic Gold S200.

Custom grip options include Golf Pride New Decade White/Black, Golf Pride MCC Plus 4, Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Mid Black, Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Black, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Burgundy, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grey/Red Cap , Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grey/Black and Lamkin Crossline Genesis.