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team by team, all Argentine soccer players

organization the championships in Argentine soccer has unique seasonings. The one from the current Football Tournament will go down in history with the one he had the open pass book while they played the first seven dates. Just last Monday it closed in general, but there will be window of one more month in case a club sells a player abroad, and wants to replace him.

Club by club, squad by squad, player by player, all the data up to date. Useful info to build your Great DT team.

, more than a month of dispute, how were the 28 Argentine soccer teams? The interactive guide to Clarion try to cover that unknown, updated with matches and goals from all the players with the three Copa Argentina matches played this Wednesday.

There are many curiosities in the pass but we are going to point out the most striking. A total of 21 players have already played at least one game for one club and will continue for another. Three of them were on all six dates and also scored goals. The Paraguayan Christian Colman he scored 4 goals at Arsenal and is now at Barracas; while his partner Lionel Picco (scored against Estudiantes) passed to Colón. Also, Jonathan Galvanwho scored against River in the last game he played in Huracán, went to Estudiantes.

There is not in the history of Argentine soccer so many soccer players who acted in the first dates for one club and the rest of the tournament for another. Yes, there is a unique case of a player who played for three clubs in the same year. isaac scliar he played in the 1949 tournament for Vélez, Boca and Tigre.

Also included in this exceptional list are Lucas Suárez, from Arsenal to Talleres (5 matches/one goal), Jonathan Candia, from Huracán to Central (5/0), Mateo Coronel, from Argentinos to At. Tucuman (4/0); Leonardo Burián, from Colón to Vélez (4/-4); Rodrigo Aliendro, from Colón to River (4/0); Walter Bou, from Defense to Vélez (4/0); Francisco Pizzini, from Defense to Workshops (4/1); Johan Carbonero, from Gymnastics to Racing (4/1); Angel González, from Lanús to Students (4/0); Fabricio Domínguez, from Racing to Defense (4/1); Raúl Loaiza from Defense to Lanús (3/1); Leonardo Heredia, from Atlético Tucumán to Estudiantes (2/0); Alan Marinelli; from Students to Central (2/0); Sebastián Sosa Sánchez, from Vélez to Estudiantes (2/0); Vicente Taborda, from Boca to Platense (1/0); Lucas Beltran; from Colon to River (1/0); Baptist Kociubinski; from Students to Aldosivi (1/0); and Mateo Pellegrino, from Vélez to Estudiantes (1/0).

In addition, three players left after being on the substitute bench on the first date: Leonel Gonzalez from Godoy Cruz to Argentines, Hector Acevedo from Patronage to Hurricane and Gustavo Vega from Boca to Godoy Cruz. Meanwhile, the latest jewel of Argentine football, Julian Alvarezsaid goodbye to River last week and was already presented at Manchester City.

To complete the sloppiness typical of this type of patches, the times are still urgent for the coaches and six have already left in seven dates: Leandro Somoza from Rosario Central (now he is in Aldosivi), Sergio Rondina from Central Córdoba (this Tuesday he took office in Colón), Julio Falcioni from Colón, Sebastián Battaglia from Boca, Jorge Almirón from Lanús and Eduardo Domínguez from Independiente. And this is just beginning.


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