Team that seeks to equal the mark of most games without losing at home

DURANGO FOR THE HISTORICAL One of the greatest strengths of Durango has been his hometown for just over two years in the PREMIER LEAGUEand are 9


One of the greatest strengths of has been his hometown for just over two years in the PREMIER LEAGUEand are 90 minutes from write history of the good

The Alacranes have 28 games without defeat at home, at the stadium Francis Zarco and they are very close to equaling the record of 29 games without losing at home, which they hold and in Short Tournaments, both sets of the maximum circuit.

On February 28, the Alacranes completed those two years since their last defeat at the Francisco Zarco stadium, and on that occasion they succumbed to the team from Cora’s FC by score of two goals to one.

Of those 28 home games without losing, the team in charge of Hector Jair Real he has triumphed 22 times and tied in only 6 commitments, scoring 65 goals, and 15 against, in addition to hanging the zero on 14 occasions.

And what is destiny, this coming Premier Monday, in the main match of the division, the Alacranes will be precisely receiving the Coras FC in search of history at 5:00 p.m. in the Francisco Zarco Stadiumactions corresponding to Day 10 of the Closure 2022.


Pachuca was the first club to impose the brand of 29 matches in a row without losing at home in Short tournaments.

It all started from the second date of Clausura 2016, when they beat Querétaro with a goal from Rudolph Pizarrountil July 29, 2017, where they failed to reach the magic number of 30 home games without losing when America defeated them in the Hidalgo Stadium 0-2 with a couple of goals from Cecilio Dominguez.


tigers he had become a practically invincible rival on his field in 2017-2018, managing to tie the same 29 matches without knowing defeat at the Universitario stadium, which he had imposed a year earlier Pachuca.

The last time he had lost a match at Universitario was on April 1, 2017, when he fell to León 1-0.

It all started on April 15, 2017 when they defeated the Pumas 4-0, and from that moment they accumulated the 29 consecutive games without knowing defeat in the Volcano, until they ran into the Tolucaa team that defeated them 2-1 on the fourth day of the Opening 2018.


Closure 2022

J-2 Durango 3-1 Saltillo Club
J-4 Durango 6-0 Professors Elite FC
J-6 Durango 1-1 Mazorqueros FC
J-8 Durango 6-1 Colima Soccer Club


J-1 Durango 2-1 Cimarrones de Sonora FC
J-3 Durango 3-1 Tritons Vallarta MFC
J-5 Durango 1-0 Gavilanes FC Matamoros
J-7 Durango 2-0 Tecos
J-9 Durango 2-1 Black Lions
J-11 Durango 3-0 Mineros de Fresnillo FC
J-13 Durango 2-1 Autonomous University of Tamaulipas
CF-V Durango 1-0 Saltillo Futbol Club
SF-I Durango 0-0 Mazorqueros FC
FI Durango 1-0 Inter Playa del Carmen

SEASON 2020-2021

J-1 Durango 2-0 San Luis Athletic Club
J-3 Durango 5-0 Gavilanes FC Matamoros
J-6 Durango 0-0 Cimarrones de Sonora FC
J-8 Durango 4-2 Black Lions
J-10 Durango 2-1 Mineros de Fresnillo FC
J-13 Durango 2-0 Reboceros of La Piedad
J-15 Durango 2-1 Autonomous University of Zacatecas
J-16 Durango 3-0 Colima Soccer Club
J-18 Durango 3-1 Saltillo Soccer Club
J-20 Durango 1-1 Tecos
J-22 Durango 4-0 Mazorqueros FC
CF-V Durango 0-0 Cafetaleros de Chiapas FC
SF-I Durango 1-1 Cruz Azul Hidalgo

SEASON 2019-2020

J-24 Durango 3-1 Autonomous University of Chihuahua

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