The 10 best F1 circuits of this 2022

Formula 1 has delighted its spectators for decades with careers sensational in the best circuits from all over the planet. Some have

Formula 1 has delighted its spectators for decades with careers sensational in the best circuits from all over the planet. Some have disappeared, like the old Nürburgring. Other circuits are indisputable on the calendar, such as Monaco; and this season of F1 2022 there have been some new additions, such as Miami.

The question is simple: what is the best formula 1 circuit in 2022? In total there are 22 grand prizes where to choose (after the cancellation of the Russian GP due to recent political events). And most of them are true gems…

1. Spa Francorchamps

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps hosts the Belgian GP. A historic route that has been remodeled many times and is really dangerous. Especially in the corners of Eau Rouge and Radillon in the first sector. His current lap record, by the way, has been held by Lewis Hamilton since 2020 with a 1:41.252.

Although the Belgian GP last year, better forget it. One of the biggest ridicules in the history of the FIA ​​in the rain, comparable to the problem of a couple of decades ago in Indianapolis with the tires.


The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is the site of the Italian GP, ​​and its record is held by Lewis Hamilton with 1:18.887 since 2020. It is a track where top speed is very important, thanks to 4 long straights spread over all the sectors. This year it will be 100 years since its inauguration. And many more to come!

3. Marina Bay

The Marina Bay street circuit in Singapore is one of the most beloved by fans. A nocturnal motorsport party along a route with 23 curves capable of pushing the single-seaters and drivers to the limit. The biggest winner in history there is Sebastian Vettel, who has won five times (three with Red Bull Renault and two with Scuderia Ferrari).

4. Suzuki

5,807 meters of asphalt that have witnessed some of the most spectacular battles in history. From the accidents of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost to Fernando Alonso overtaking Michael Schumacher at turn 103r. After two years of absence due to the pandemic, this 2022 he will return to the Great Circus.

5. Monaco

The Monaco GP in fifth place? Yes, although it is no less iconic for that. It is certainly not the best race on the calendar. More than one could fall asleep, because of the current size of the single-seaters. However, cars have raced through its streets since 1929, when the grand prix did not even belong to Formula 1. If there is an untouchable circuit on the calendar, it is Monaco.

6. Red Bull Ring

Red Bull Ring was founded in 1969, and since then all kinds of competitions have traversed its green hills. The track record has been held by Valteri Bottas since 2020 with his Mercedes-AMG with a time of 1:02.939. It is a fairly short circuit with three long straights, although the second sector requires a good level of cornering.


Silverstone hosted the British GP last weekend, with the great joy of Carlos Sainz’s first victory. It is a circuit where a high level of traction and downforce is needed due to its fast corners, especially in the first and second sectors. Its history dates back 74 years, and the current lap record is held by Lewis Hamilton.

8. Hungaroring

One of the great circuits on the calendar on its own merits. Many of the editions of this Hungarian GP have been in the rain, which adds a lot of excitement to this track with its steep slopes and fast corners. Without a doubt, one of the most beloved by Spaniards due to Fernando Alonso’s performances there, including the defense against Hamilton last year with the Alpine.

9. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

The first edition of the Formula 1 Mexican GP was in 1962. After a brief break in 1971, it returned to the calendar in 1986; and the same thing happened in 1993, when he was absent from the calendar until his return in 2015. His name refers to the two Mexican F1 drivers: Ricardo and Pedro.

10. Albert Park

It is another of the oldest circuits in the entire championship. It was founded in 1928, and its biggest winners are Lex Davison and Michael Schumacher with four wins each. The track surrounds a lake through quite fast curves along 5,303 meters of asphalt. In recent times, it is one of the circuits that has obtained the greatest diversity of winners: 11 in the last 22 years.