The 10 best players of the year in Argentine soccer

2021 was a long year full of competition, and although the activity in the First Division of Argentine soccer has not yet finished, since the Champ

2021 was a long year full of competition, and although the activity in the First Division of Argentine soccer has not yet finished, since the Champions Trophy between River and Colón remains to be disputed next Saturday, December 18, we will review the 10 most outstanding players.

Here is a list that will bring back memories of the beginning of the year, with the brilliant “Sabalero” directed by Eduardo Domínguez who was crowned in the League Cup, and then with this unstoppable “Millionaire” from the hand of “Doll” Gallardo.

Luis Vazquez

Luis Vázquez / Daniel Jayo / GettyImages

Being Boca’s center-forward is not easy at all, and Luis Vázquez seemed not to mind. His second semester was spectacular, being the team’s top scorer and with an impressive passing game. Illusions.

In addition to his versatility and ease of playing and covering, the young Banfield midfielder added a very high goal quota to his repertoire, especially from the head. This one from Chilena was fabulous. Unusual how it has not yet been transferred.

Milton gimenez

Milton Gimenez / Rodrigo Valle / GettyImages

Whistling softly, the Central Córdoba striker managed to appear among the tournament’s top gunners in both the CLP and the LPF, with five and 11 goals respectively. An animal.

Bou has to go back to Boca.

Bou has to go back to Boca. / Marcelo Endelli / GettyImages

He did everything to return to Boca and be taken into account. Soccer leader of Defense and Justice led by Beccacece, who finished second in the LPF by making a bell. Bou scored 10 goals in the competition and provided many assists, especially for Merentiel.

Facundo Farias, Tomas Chancalay

Facundo Farias, Tomas Chancalay / Rodrigo Valle / GettyImages

One of the last jewels of Argentine soccer. Although it was diluted in recent months, his beginning of the year was masterful and he was also crowned champion with Colón. It will not last long in Argentina.

Enzo Perez

Enzo Perez / Marcelo Endelli / GettyImages

The thermometer of the River de Gallardo. Until his injury, he never fell below six points in every game. Play, play, understand everything. It is the 5 that every coach and team needs.

Jose sand

Jose Sand / Marcelo Endelli / GettyImages

Scorer that does not rust. He is 41 years old! and he’s still on the gunner table, as usual. He did 6 in the CLP and 15 in the LPF, still with an irregular Lanús, making a great pair with José López.

Leonardo Ponzio, Martin Ojeda

Leonardo Ponzio, Martin Ojeda / Marcelo Endelli / GettyImages

The left-hander of Godoy Cruz stands out, especially in the Professional League. An impressive scoring ability, scoring 12 goals even without being a forward, and a very interesting round trip that will make you doubt little in the country.

Although he has already gone to Gimnasia, where he mixed missed penalties with distinctive touches that have always characterized him, what the Pulga achieved in Colón in the conquest of the CLP was masterful. He was the top scorer of the tournament and the most outstanding player in it, with impressive goals, all at 36 years old.

Due to what was done in the Professional League, clearly Julián Álvarez was the most outstanding player of 2021. Argentina’s national team along with Lionel Messi, a tremendous superiority over his rivals playing for River in the tournament, with 18 goals and six assists to achieve the championship.