The 10 teams with the most fans in Argentine soccer according to reports

A consulting company - called Projection Consultants - conducted a survey to determine the number and distribution of fans of Argentine soccer club

A consulting company – called Projection Consultants – conducted a survey to determine the number and distribution of fans of Argentine soccer clubs. Do you want to know which are the most massive paintings? Look!

Belgrano v Boca Juniors - Super League 2018/19

Belgrano de Córdoba and his little fans. / Agustin Marcarian/GettyImages

Despite being stuck in the tough First National, the fanaticism of the fan Pirate does not change and gets into the Top 10 most popular clubs. Blow up stadiums whatever the province.

Talleres v River Plate - Professional League Tournament 2021

Workshop Trainer. / Mario Sar/GettyImages

It rose from the ashes and here it is: among the best teams in Latin America. And so the accompaniment of fans grew who only needed results and commitment to return to the field. The T rules in Cordoba.

Nacional v Estudiantes - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022

Student fan at the National Stadium of Uruguay. / Gamba Agency/GettyImages

The Rat Prick It changed the stage and apparently the energy since, since these changes and the arrival of Juan Sebastián Verón to the presidency, the results called for accompanying. His house gave him back his Identity.


The Scoundrel accompanies in the good and the bad. / MARCELO WAY/GettyImages

Passion in Rosario is not negotiated, and the Scoundrel is not an exception but also adds loyalty. The memory of the Second Division was left behind, a hard time for the institution, but even so, at that time, no one was missing. Being Award.


Newell’s illuminated by Diego Maradona. /STR/GettyImages

The red and black lights up the streets of Rosario regardless of the schedules. Soccer players know when they lose that they can’t -almost- not even stick their heads out of their houses. extreme fanaticism. Lionel Messi emerged there and Diego Maradona passed, among other players.

Fans celebrating at the moment that the recovery of the...

San Lorenzo needs to return to Boedo. /Pacific Press/Getty Images

The Cyclone was on the brink of the abyss less than a decade ago when it almost fell into the Second Division. But he recovered, lifted the Libertadores and today -hand in hand with fans and managers- he dreams of returning to Boedo. Owners of the great themes of the field.

Boca Juniors v Racing Club - League Cup: Semi-final

The Academy in its cylindrical house. / Jam Media/GettyImages

Creators of one of the most popular songs in Argentine soccer as boys and owners of one of the Avellaneda factions. You need to win again.


Liberators of America. / JUAN MABROMATA/GettyImages

The King of Cups has a fan characterized by good taste and few take notion that they have not enjoyed it for a long time. Any professional who steps on the ground of the Libertadores de América today can slip away through the whistle. Can’t Bochini come back?


The Drunkards of the Plank. / JUAN MABROMATA/GettyImages

Although some censuses mark it as the most popular club, it seems not to be. The titles did not change the colors in some fans. River Plate escort on the podium.


La Bombonera trembles for La 12. / LUIS ROBAYO/GettyImages

He forgot the shape of the Libertadores and Japanese soil. No matter. Boca Juniors does not become La Mitad Más Uno but it is the most popular club in Argentina.