The 12 Best Golf Shoes for Men and Women

Nothing better to enjoy a day of golf than good shoes, as important as the clubs. These are the 12 best golf shoes for men and women.As in any spo

Nothing better to enjoy a day of golf than good shoes, as important as the clubs. These are the 12 best golf shoes for men and women.

As in any sport, it is possible to play golf with any sport, but it is definitely not recommended. Both for those who want to start and for the most veteran golf clubs, it is advisable to acquire appropriate footwear for the field of play. During your experience at the golf resort you can show off with exclusive clothes or have fun with some interesting gadgets. This is optional, unlike footwear. It is not only essential to walk safely and respectfully with the feet, but also to improve the performance of each swing to the max.

How should golf shoes be?

The most important thing, although it seems obvious, is that they are comfortable, for this they must be prepared to travel long distances from one hole to another on the golf course. This requires that they have an appropriate traction system and light footwear. Also, one sole equipped with studs It is highly recommended, since it offers a greater grip on the ground when hitting the ball. This will provide increased shooting accuracy.

And, speaking of the ground, we must not forget the waterproof fabric. In this way, humidity or rainy days will not be an impediment to practicing this sport in total safety and comfort. Although we must not forget that the material must also be breathable.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Mojo Elite

These Skechers shoes are specifically designed to play golf and guarantee your feet stability and good health care; since, even being waterproof, they also facilitate perspiration. This model, Go Golf Mojo Elite, in white and navy combines a sporty look with elegant finishes. While regarding his equipment, he has a special traction system called GRIP FLEX to maintain balance and precision during the game.

Skechers Go Golf Mojo Elite for men.

Callaway Men’s Chev Mulligan S

The Callaway brand is a benchmark in golf footwear, its Chev Mulligan S are made of leather with a rubber sole, so it is a comfortable and lightweight shoes, perfect for a golf marathon. This model can be found in both black and white with a silver touch on the heel. One of its greatest virtues is the system with which it is equipped to allow the foot to breathe and regulate heat.

Callaway Men's Chev Mulligan S.

Callaway Men’s Chev Mulligan S.

ECCO Men’s Biom C4

Another excellent choice is the ECCO signature golf shoes, among which their Biom C4 stands out. A shoe that stands out for its sportier aesthetic, without losing that touch of class that characterizes golfers’ clothing. Cushioning, flexibility and stability is what ECCO will provide you with its Biom Natural Motion and ECCO MTN Grip systems, designed to help you achieve a perfect swing.

ECCO Biom C4 for men.

ECCO Biom C4 for men.

Callaway Chev Comfort 2020 Men’s

An option of sophisticated design that will delight the most demanding with aesthetics. The 2020 Callaway Chev Comfort model features a dynamic, lightweight sole with good grip, an upper with a waterproof and breathable membrane layer, and a compressed microfiber midsole that molds to the foot. It can be purchased in black or white with silver and black details.

Callaway Men's Chev Comfort 2020.

Callaway Men’s Chev Comfort 2020.

ECCO Men’s Core

Ruggedized to take on high performance, ECCO Core combines top quality materials, a leather upper and a cushioned, flexible, multi-directional traction synthetic sole with various lug sizes. This shoe has ECCO Hydromax technology, created to repel water and keep your feet completely dry and without a trace of moisture.

ECCO Core for men.

ECCO Core for men.

Callaway Men’s Chev LS

Callaway’s signature spikeless golf shoe grip system is coupled with an external heel cage for shock absorption, a performance enhancement tool. That’s the Callaway Chev LS, with various designs – in black, white, gray or contrast – with a waterproof leather upper.

Callaway Chev LS for men.

Callaway Chev LS for men.

Skechers Women’s Go Elite Tour SL

Anyone looking for a shoe with which spend a whole day on the golf course without your feet suffering, you should opt for the Skechers Go Elite Tour SL. They have Skechers Goga Max technology, which ensures a comfortable and stable tread. In addition, its waterproof membrane will help keep your feet always dry. Its appearance is that of classic sports with a retro touch.

Skechers Go Elite Tour SL for women.

Skechers Go Elite Tour SL for women.

Callaway Women’s W636 Solaire

comfort and lightness as the two maxims that Callaway has set out to meet with its W636 Solaire model. Made with breathable synthetic fabrics and a rubber sole, they can be found in pink, light gray and dark. His style is sporty and striking.

Callaway Women's W636 Solaire.

Callaway Women’s W636 Solaire.

ECCO Women’s S-Three

Full marks for aesthetics for ECCO’s S-Three, these specialty golf shoes boast an impeccable design that blends sportiness with sophistication. In addition, they are available in various colors. Your equipment has everything: the Gore-Tex system to protect your feet from water; the ECCO Zonal Fluidform to provide balance and cushioning; and E-DTS technology for exceptional traction.

ECCO S-Three for women.

ECCO S-Three for women.

Adidas Women’s Performance Classic

Another model designed to enhance performance and May every swing be excellent. The Adidas Performance Classic, in an elegant and classic design in black, combine Bounce and Boost cushioning systems for a stable and comfortable ride. The sole has five keys for maximum grip on the ground. Its materials are a combination of leather and microfiber that will keep your feet free of moisture.

Adidas Performance Classic for women.

Adidas Performance Classic for women.

Callaway Women’s W635 Halo Diamond

Callaway’s W635 Halo Diamond shoes stand out for their design in shades of blue, made of leather with a breathable system and with an attractive and original die cut pattern with a rhomboid shape on its sides. The sole replaces the stud system with a texture that provides grip on the ground.

Callaway Women's W635 Halo Diamond.

Callaway Women’s W635 Halo Diamond.

ECCO Women’s Core

Halfway between golf shoes with a distinguished touch and urban sneakers, the ECCO Core model for women stands out for the traction of its sole and the comfort it gives to the tread. The rubber base features E-DTS TWIST technology, with larger, rotated multi-directional traction bars for added strength.

ECCO Core for women.

ECCO Core for women.