The 2022 Boxing Harvest left 11 new champions this weekend

During the last weekend the Provincial Amateur Boxing Tournament Harvest 2022which is organized by the Municipality of Luján and supervised by the

During the last weekend the which is organized by the Municipality of Luján and supervised by the Mendoza Boxing Federation, with the support of the Government of Mendoza.

The evening he had 11 fights and in all of them a champion was consecrated. It is worth noting the large number of spectators, which as the contest progresses, shows a marked interest on the part of the followers.

The outstanding fights, of the many that had a high level, were those of Angel Arancibia and Exequiel Martinezwhere the first won by points and became champion of the 60kg Majors.

The women’s duels Rocío Gordillo in front of Camila Aballayplus that of Brisa Alfonzo vs. Nadia Munoz (photo), with triumphs of the first mentioned, raised the temperature of the cold night at the Hipolito Yrigoyen Sports Center in Luján de Cuyo.

The heavyweight final (+91kg), looked like a tough battle, but the unexpected knee injury (dislocated left knee) of former Argentine champion Rodrigo Araya, made him win RSC in the first round Giordano Enzo.

The results of all the combats were the following:

  • Final Seniors +91kg: Enzo Giordano RSC1 Rodrigo Araya. Both boxers from the Pablo Chacón Gym.
  • Final Over 60 kg: Brisa Alfonzo GPPM Nadia Muñoz. (Las Heras-Chacón) (Maipú-Martínez/Lucero)
  • Senior Final 69 kg: Lautaro González GPPU Gonzalo Baginay. (Las Heras-González) (Las Heras-Chacón)
  • Final Over 69 kg: Ángel Arancibia GPPU Exequiel Martínez. (Lavalle-Guiñazú) (Luján-Pineira/Llosa)
  • Final Cadets 57 kg: Lucas Leda GPPU Jonathan Lorca. (San Martin-Sergio Ponce) (Alvear-Lorca)
  • Final Cadets 66 kg: Jesús Giménez GPPU Uriel Castillo. (Las Heras-Chacon) (Las Heras-Duarte)
  • Senior Final 60 kg: Rocío Gordillo GPPU Camila Aballay. (Las Heras-Chacon) (Pablo Guerrero)
  • Senior Final 69 kg: Alejandro Neck GPPM Facundo Godoy. (Palmira-Ponce) (Junín-Sosa)
  • Final Cadets 60 kg: Tomás Crisafulli GPPU Lautaro Sánchez. (Las Heras-Chacón) (San Rafael-Oliva)
  • Junior 60kg Final: Santiago Ávila GPPU José Vargas. (Maipú-Aguirre) (San Martin- Ponce)
  • Final Under 63 kg: Ariel Palacio GPPU Paulo Balegno. (Uspallata-Palacio) (Maipú-Martínez/Lucero)