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The 3 cars that marked Mike Tyson’s career on fire

Mike Tyson is one of the legendary boxers. One of the most feared men he has boasted an incredible estate and an extravagant car window. We show you 3 machines that set fire to his professional career below.

June 02, 2022 2:17 p.m.

Malik Abdul Aziz, known throughout the world as He is one of the great icons in boxing history. A man who has known how to stand out with his sporting exploits, but who has also been the protagonist of several controversies. Not to mention, his historic success with Evander Holyfieldtearing off a piece of his ear. What a memory!

Tyson during his career as a professional boxer has managed to amass a huge fortune. It is estimated that his net worth was around 300 million dollars. Crazy! However, we know well that the world of the ring usually brings great wealth with it. A place where many of the great celebrities give themselves the pleasure of being behind the wheel of terrible cars and luxurious mansions.

His enviable wealth has led him to have a beautiful high-end showcase, where many of the most recognized brands in the market were present. However, there were three specimens that stood out and set fire to his professional career. Extravagant and exclusive models that need a good bunch of bills to be able to have them in our garage.

3. Golden

Golden Bugatti Veyron by Mike Tyson.

Undoubtedly, It is one of the most luxurious and expensive cars on the market. How could it be otherwise, Mike had the luxury of being behind the wheel of a terrible machine. A design that allows us to dimension part of his great fortune. A car that has a W12 engine and has a top speed of 407 km/h. A vehicle of which only 405 copies have been manufactured.

2. Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

Mike Tyson with his Rolls-Royce Silver Spur.

One of the cars most appreciated by Mike, since it was her 21st birthday gift. this vehicle It has a V8 engine and 329 HPW of power. Although we are not talking about the latest model, for the former boxer it has a very special value in his collection, and it is one of his favorite brands. It is estimated that he paid about 140 thousand dollars. What a toy Tyson’s!


Mike Tyson next to his Hummer H1.

Definitely one of the most popular SUVs in the world. A huge truck that Kid Dynamite gave himself the pleasure of being behind the wheel. The legendary boxer had one of these impressive designs in his garage. It is a vehicle that has 205 hp of maximum power and 595 Nm of torque. Also, It features a 6.5L V8 diesel engine. A vehicle that It can be around 290 thousand dollars, in its cheapest versions. What a machine!

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