The 4 NBA records that it seems that no one will ever be able to beat

The increase in the technical and physical quality of the players and the standards in favor of the spectacle means that we find ourselv

The increase in the technical and physical quality of the players and the standards in favor of the spectacle means that we find ourselves in a time of the most fertile in NBA recordsHowever, there are still some that are far from being equaled. Four in particular that today seem practically unmatched. We list them below:

1. The 100 points of

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain achieved a record that no one seems to ever be able to match or exceed. He finished with 100 points in the victory of his Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks. Since then, only Kobe Bryant managed to get close with 81 points in the Lakers-Raptros on January 22, 2006. He fell behind 19 points, too much to think that anyone could ever reach Wilt, who in his time dominated the league by one. a way that no player has ever managed to do again.

2. ’s 10 NBA champion titles

Earlier we talked about how Wilt Chamberlain dominated the NBA in attack with absolute authority during his time. He was the league’s leading scorer 7 times. Michael Jordan was up to 10 times. We believe that no one is going to be able to reach the top of the best player of all time. Neither historical scorers like George Gervin, as modern as Allen Iverson or Kevin Durant, have managed to reach that data (they reached four times). The one who speaks is the best attacker ever by qualities, James Harden, has reached 3. Other names like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant or Stephen Curry, to two. Difficult to get to him.

3. ’s 15,806 assists

The John Stockton thing with assists was another level. At the average level, only Magic Johnson surpasses him (11.2 per game compared to 10.5 for the Utah Jazz player). Magic’s career was much smaller (1504 Stockton games vs. Magic 906). After him, great passers have arrived like Jason Kidd (the one who has come closest to him), Steve Nash, Chris Paul or LeBron James himself. All are far from the mark of 15,805 assists. It seems unbeatable.

4. ’s 41 techniques in a season

This record is unmatched. Simply because the rules have changed. Today if you commit 16 technical fouls you are sanctioned with one game. This season they have sanctioned Luka Doncic with 16 technical fouls, who has missed a game and has been the one who has committed the most fouls of this type. Rasheed Wallace went up to 41 in the 2000/01 season at the Portland Trail Blazers. It has the historical record with 317. Speechless.