The amateur boxing of the northern province had a successful day of competition

With a great accompaniment, last Friday the boxing festival "Boat puts on its gloves" developed in the municip

With a great accompaniment, last Friday the boxing festival “Boat puts on its gloves” developed in the municipal complex of that town.

It was a night of emotions due to the restart of the activity after 20 months, with tributes included and that could be specified in an action of the local Municipality with the accompaniment of the Ministry of Tourism and Sportss.

The boxing event was attended by boxers from the northern province, who put a great sporting display on a night full of emotions.

In addition, at the beginning the Mayor Carlos Funes, the coordinator of the provincial Boxing program Sergio Oliver Calvet, Councilor Ramiro Morales and coaches Miguel Orieta (Embarcacion) and Aarón Soria (Tartagal) delivered a plaque to the Silvio Leclerq’s family, who would preside over the Municipal Boxing Commission of Tartagal for a decade and a year since he passed away.

Mayor Carlos Funes added that “We are very happy for the support of the Minister of Tourism and Sports Mario Peña to our town and we will continue to work together with Governor Sáenz so that the sport has a remarkable growth.”

Oliver Calvet stated that “Silvio Leclercq was a person who gave a lot to boxing in the interior and we wanted to honor a brilliant leader and excellent person who always supported and supervised hundreds of boxing events held in our Salta.”

“Tonight gives a kick-off and marks the opening of the different activities that will take place in the interior of the province. I highlight the will and political decision of our Governor Gustavo Sáenz and Minister Mario Peña to execute and implement sports policies so that the sport has the growth it really deserves. “

In the long-distance combat, there was a categorical victory by the fast track of Pájaro Nicolás Pérez over Gastón “El Letal” Bravo. The competition offered the public amateur fights and three exhibitions of children from 6 to 12 years old.

Best results

Category . Welter Jr

* Facundo “La Joyita” Basco (Aguas Blancas) beat Germán Small Villa (Boat) on points

Category Pen

* Enzo Sayago beat Axel “El Picante” Pérez by points

Medium Category

* Juan Cornú (Orán) beat Armando “Terrible” Galván from Oran on points.

* Matías Cardozo (Boat) tied with Joaquín Farfan (Oran).

* Ramiro “chess” Gareca (Boat) drew with Gabriel Romero (Oran).