The American football federation cuts its budget after skyrocketing its debt

Tackle the Fefa. The Spanish American Football Federation (Fefa) is not experiencing its best moment and, despite the fact that Spain is the

Tackle the Fefa. The Spanish American Football Federation (Fefa) is not experiencing its best moment and, despite the fact that Spain is the seventh country in the world in which the American football league (NFL) has the most audience, this result could not be translated into sponsorships. Currently, the entity does not have any sponsor.

La Fefa has a budget of 540,000 euros for the 2021-2022 season, 10% less than in the previous year. The entity has an accumulated debt of 180,000 euros, so it will have to make a viability plan with the Higher Sports Council (CSD) for between three and five years. Despite this context, the entity will be able to close the course in black numbers, after four years of losses.

“We have a significant deficit and now we have to alleviate the debt, I hope that in 2022 we can carry out all the projects that the federation has prepared,” explains the president of the entity, José Luis Soler, to Palco23, who took office nine months ago . “American football is not football or basketball, we are governed by our own contributions, with the exception of CSD grants for national teams that compete in Europe or the World Cups,” says the manager.

“This season we will get the budget to fit us, but we have to negotiate with the CSD, which is aware of the accounts; we are also awaiting an audit ”, acknowledges the manager, recalling that federations cannot receive subsidies if they have debts and that in 2020“ much was stopped coming in ”. “There were subsidies for the international competitions of the Spanish teams, but they were spent on other things and, since it could not be justified, it has had to be returned, and, if it has not been possible, it has been pending,” he reveals.

The entity, which ended 2020 with 5,526 members, will bet on increase the canon to clubs and licenses to be able to alleviate the debt, since they are the only income that the federation obtains. “Nobody has a salary, except the secretary, and we don’t have any sponsor because everything comes from quotas; and it is not foreseen that we will be able to obtain any ”, maintains. In the past, when the entity had a sponsor, they contributed between 10,000 euros and 20,000 euros.

In this context, the manager recalls that “If there is no aid, there is no business” and that “television is what sells you.” “Rugby is the example, it has had promotion and visibility,” he remarks. “Despite not having resources, we have continued to gain supporters, but we would like the elite to be like that of other sports, if we had resources and visibility,” he stresses.

The manager recalls that “there is no broadcast for a company to want to invest”, despite the fact that the clubs broadcast their matches on the Internet. “If we do not receive aid, we will continue to be a minority because we do not have a television, although now there are even petanque sports broadcasts,” he warns.

On the other hand, Soler assures that the new Barcelona Dragons, the Reus team of businessman Bart Iaccarino that competes in the European League of American Football (ELF), “serves to add”, but recalls that the ELF “is a private competition of some entrepreneurs who have money ”. “In Austria or Poland, American football does have an audience, but not here, for this reason the NFL left, because the business was not working,” he recalls.

“To have a business, you first have to invest, and for now, no one is willing to do it,” she criticized, recalling that “currently the player has to pay for everything.” “Either you do it for the love of sport or satisfaction or it doesn’t compensate you, because when someone gets tired, the business goes down the drain,” he laments. “It is possible that one day, when we have 50,000 licenses, the situation will change, although, for now, there are followers,” he remarks.