The ball resists in the soccer business

22 Aug 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

22 Aug 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

The fact that footballers end up going where they really want to is not always the case. There is no more to see Cristiano Ronaldo, which looks like a caged lion. Other times it is the clubs that push and the players that resist, see the cases of Barcelona with Umtiti, Braithwaite or De Jongamong others, or those of the with Denis Surez and Santi Mina. Sometimes, however, a couple of defeats are enough to change wills and facilitate transfers that before seemed unthinkable. The moves desperately after two fateful first days in the Premier. The usual thing is to look for talent and/or goal. But look at Casemiro, which has neither. On the other hand, it guarantees containment and balance, frees up your teammates a lot and probably makes them better. The Brazilian midfielder confesses to being a fan to the core, but a longer contract that almost doubles his salary is more than a temptation. And the real Madrid nor has he shouted to heaven, nor has he torn his clothes. He is going to enter seventy million euros plus variables, he is going to save about fifteen in the wage bill and he sees an open track so that Tchouamni he buys time for time in the process to become an anchor of the team. If in the next few days an offer came to him for Benzema or Courtois, impossible to replace, surely the white club would refer to the termination clauses and rosmara against the aldraxe. The fact is that with Casemiro all parties have known how to dress the operation well.

Football today, as much as kisses to the shield and those gestures with the fingers that draw a heart proliferate, is running out of soul. Even the World Cup is moved to December, because Mr money is a powerful gentleman. There is only one invariable and non-negotiable truth, the one dictated by the ball. That’s why I can with everything.

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