The beauty of soccer! Dani Alves almost cries on his return to the courts

The last game of Dani Alves with FC Barcelona, ​​had been in May 2016 January 07, 2022 12:10 hs When many players leave an elite club like F

The last game of Dani Alves with FC Barcelona, ​​had been in May 2016

January 07, 2022 12:10 hs

When many players leave an elite club like it is for smaller teams. In the case of it was not like that. He was in Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), although with an internship in Brazil where he broke it and even dared to play 10 ‘.

Upon becoming a free agent, Alves was in search of a team where he could contribute the football that he still considers having. “I worked like crazy” has repeated many times.

The fate and serious financial and sporting situation of the club with which almost everything FC Barcelona won, brought him back to the elite. After a long wait to be registered in La Liga in the round of 32 of the against Linares, the South American legend returned to play an official match with Barça.

The Brazilian played two games, soccer and against his emotions so as not to shed tears. Alves said he was living a movie.

“I’m very happy. Right now a movie is going through my head. Because after so long to be able to return and play an official match with Barça is a too special gift. And I try to enjoy myself, I try to help my teammates, to compete with them, to suffer with them, to win with them. It is the feeling that we represent, the feeling that we defend, “he said.

“We have to go climbing. We know that it is a competition where there are more and more surprises, but that does not happen with us. That we are climbing, that we are improving as a team, that we are maintaining that spirit of competition, of knowing that things are difficult, but you have to be mentally strong. And at the end of the day things are fitting. The chances are coming out, the goals ”, he added.

His role as inside lane: “It is a scheme to have a little more play, a little more start. It is between lateral and middle, trying to compensate, to fill the spaces. It’s a position that I dominate too, I’ve played there many times. Being able to be next to these people with such quality makes things much easier ”.

Your match statistics

The one who won the most duels (9).

The one with the most centers (13) took out and completed (7).

The one that generated the most chances with key passes (7).

The one who received the most fouls (3).

The second with the most successful dribbles (3 of 3).

Dani Alves’ last match with FC Barcelona was in May 2016. Many things have happened and changed since then.

In Can Barca he won 23 collective titles in his first stage as a player for FC Barcelona.