The best and most exciting fight in UFC: Lawler vs MacDonald

On July 11, 2015, UFC 189 was held, an event that featured Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title. And while all eyes

On July 11, 2015, UFC 189 was held, an event that featured Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title. And while all eyes were on the Irishman’s duel, it was the co-star between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald for the welterweight title that got the talk.

And it is that really, the fight left the fans with their mouths open was that of Lawler vs McDonald 2. A bloody war that was defined in the fifth round, when Rory McDonald’s septum could not take any more blows from Robbie Lawler.

The fight became one of the most famous in the history of the UFC and was chosen as the best fight of the year 2015.

The fight started strong from the beginning, neither of the two athletes saved anything and they delivered everything in the octagon. It is true that as the minutes of the first round passed, Lawler connected more and made a cut in the applicant’s face and clearly took the first chapter to the end.

The second began with the same script that the first ended, total dominance of the champion, who became lord and master of the center of the octagon. MacDonald defended himself with the kicks, tried to punish the body of his rival throughout the fight and in this second episode, when he needed it most, a “High Kick” came that Lawler truly felt.

The challenger threw himself brutally on his opponent, punished him with a series of blows and Lawler was actually saved by the bell. Smiling Robbie went to his corner, but he was really touched and Macdonald began to believe that he could be world champion.

The third was all of the applicant. The exchange continued, the public vibrated in an exceptional way, the show that both fighters were giving was sensational. The round was Canadian and again Lawler was touched and suffering. End of the third episode and the applicant until then won two to one.

A lovely fourth round continued the historic fight. The rivals, already very tired, had their guard very low and did not stop exchanging. They looked for oxygen in every clinch, in every moment that they could. But the battle did not stop. A straight from Lawler was followed by a series of jabs from Rory. The challenger was taking the fight, although now he was much closer than the third.


But Robbie was champion for something, he came out to die in the fifth, he did not speculate thinking that perhaps the fourth round he had also lost. Lawler surprised Rory who was very tired and received a right hand that sent him to the canvas, lying there in the octagon, he was easy prey for the champion who won by TKO.

Lawler showed the world his might. Macdonald for his part warned of his arrival in the big leagues. The welterweight title regained the prestige that Georges St Pierre had given it.

Huge fight that these athletes offered us at UFC 189, without a doubt it was the fight of the year 2015 and one of the best in history, without fear of exaggerating anything, at all. They both gave everything they had which is a lot and it was a tremendous show.