The best boxers in the world so far

Despite how controversial it may be, boxing is a widely known sport, with a long history and millions of practitioners around the world. Throughou

Despite how controversial it may be, boxing is a widely known sport, with a long history and millions of practitioners around the world. Throughout its history, great boxers have emerged who have marked a milestone in this sport of fighters and have been recognized by the media, sports journalists, athletes and bookmakers.

What is taken into account to consider a boxer as one of the best? Winning matches and tournaments is not enough to reach the top of this demanding sport. Other elements also influence such as: techniques and skills, monumental combats and having made a long career. Taking advantage of the occasion that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the considered “boxing bible”, The Ring Magazine, we will mention some of the best boxers in all of history.

Mike Tyson

Despite his recent confession claiming to be a very violent person, Mike Tyson made history during his time in the world of boxing. In the 1980s he won the title of world heavyweight champion and held it for years in that category until he paid his sentence. His fighting style was characterized by his hard-hitting punches and waist breaks.

Emile Griffith

From the early 1960s to the mid 1970s, Griffith was a landmark, well known for his triumphs at light and light heavyweight. A noteworthy fact in his career is that of his 111 fights, more than half were with boxers who were in the Top Ten of world boxing within his category, of course.

Muhammad Ali

We couldn’t talk about the best boxers in history if we didn’t mention this extraordinary boxer. Born in Louisville (Kentucky) under the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr and the one who later changed to the well-known Muhammad Ali for his conversion to Islam; he was characterized above all by being stronger cerebrally than by his offense. His blows were very austere and precise and by distinguishing the physiognomy of his opponent, he did not spend energy on approach blows, but rather determined the precise moment and areas to attack.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Considered one of the best athletes in Mexican history and it is not for less. This extraordinary boxer won the world titles in three categories: super featherweight, lightweight and super lightweight. Of his 115 fights in total, he won nothing more and nothing less than 107 and 86 of these fights won were by KO of him. He was characterized by his forceful hooks to the liver and his constant “harassment” of opponents.

Rocky Marciano

The American of Italian descent, Rocco Francis Marchegiano, had a somewhat ironic beginning, because before entering boxing, this athlete tried his luck in Baseball, but he did not have enough strength to throw the ball! He was characterized by his great resistance and accurate blows in the ring. Another noteworthy fact about this boxer is that throughout his professional career he had no defeats.

manny pacquiao

Nicknamed “Pac-Man” this Filipino boxer is undoubtedly another of the athletes who made history in this sport. In fact, “the Ring” magazine has considered him one of the best boxers in history, even comparing him to the legendary Muhammad Ali. Until now he is the only boxer who has managed to conquer 8 different categories:

World Boxing Council Flyweight
International Boxing Federation Super Bantamweight
Featherweight for The Ring
WBC super featherweight and lightweight
Super lightweight for The Ring
WBO Super Welterweight
WBA Super Welterweight

His fighting style was characterized above all by his aggressiveness and speed of movement.

Sugar Ray Robinson

He was one of the referents of Muhammad Ali and with good reason. Walker Smith Jr became world champion in two categories during a very close era in boxing, there were extraordinary boxers like Jake LaMotta, Kid Gavilan or Henry Armstrong. However, “Sugar Ray” achieved undefeated streaks against boxing greats at that time and an example of this is the remembered knockout he gave LaMotta in just 13 seconds. As for his fighting style, Sugar Ray Robinsons was characterized above all by his quick footwork and excellent latches on his powerful punches.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Considered one of the most intelligent and cunning boxers in history, as he always set the mark in the ring. Similar to the legendary Rocky Marciano, Floyd did not know any defeat during his professional boxing career, achieving 50 victories. He was characterized above all by his good defense and his extraordinary chin, which made the boxer able to overcome the forceful blows delivered by boxers of the stature of Mosley or Maidana.