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The best of all: the F1 Power Rankings awarded Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz He finished fifth in the French Grand Prix, but Formula 1 decided to award him first place in the Power Rankings for his great career. In this way, he surpassed the favorites by all. He left behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The Spanish car made it clear that he is one of the fastest in the competition and that on more than one occasion he saved the classification.

The man from Madrid was recognized for his spectacular comeback on the Paul Ricard circuit, after starting the race in nineteenth place following a sanction received by the FIA which made him fall back several places on the grid and finish fifth. Also, Carlos Sainz he managed to reach third position near the end of the race.

Sainz is fourth in the world ranking with 144 points

For its part, the winner of the race was third in the accounting made by Formula 1 every week. Fernando Alonso left the McLaren on the way and they gave him the opportunity to climb steps within the final award. Thus, he finished with the same score along with George Russell in fourth position.

What did attract attention in the list of the ten award-winning drivers was the absence of the Mexican Checo Pérez. The Red Bull Racing driver spent much of the race in third place. However, after the entry of the Virtual Safety Car towards the end, he had an inattentiveness that caused him to lose the position and finish behind Russell. Therefore, the Power Rankings decided to punish him without breaking into the top ten.

The Top Ten of the Power Rankings

The explanation of F1

Carlos Sainz was awarded by Formula 1 after his fabulous career in the French GP. If you want to know in more detail the reason for his position, the competition itself made it known through a short paragraph: “The driver of the day obtained the joint highest score in the Power Ranking this week. The Ferrari driver, who was penalized with the rear of the grid for taking new engine components, he helped his teammate to pole position with a handy slipstream and worked his way from P19 to P3. After an unfortunate five-second penalty for an unsafe release, he was able to finish fifth with the fastest lap for crucial points.

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