The biggest Formula 1 winner in 2021

F1 gave away an exciting season in 2021 and has made the expectation very high in its fans for what is to come. The biggest Formula 1 winner in

F1 gave away an exciting season in 2021 and has made the expectation very high in its fans for what is to come. The biggest Formula 1 winner in 2021 has been Max Verstappen, not only for the title won but also for the brands in a year with great competition with Lewis Hamilton. Sports betting was increased by this rivalry within the track.

There were many tense moments in the races, but also of satisfaction. Finishing on the top of the podium, opening the champagne and celebrating with his team was a repeated image during 2021 for Verstappen. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t suffer. He was unlucky with a flat tire that took him out of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix which he was leading without a hitch with just five laps to go.

Also a crash with Hamilton in the British Grand Prix that generated a great discussion about a greater sanction for the Englishman, something that ultimately did not happen. “Drive to Survive”, a series that tells details about Formula 1, has a lot of material for the season that it will give on Netflix. Claims between the Red Bull and Mercedes teams, with a controversial ending in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton was close to making F1 history but Nicholas Latifi got sidetracked and forced the judges to issue a yellow flag. Verstappen was very far away and without that accident, he would not have been champion. Tires changed in the pits and the race director had him restart behind Hamilton, without the stragglers. In a sensational lap, he managed to overtake him to win his first world title.

The biggest Formula 1 winner and the one who led the most laps

If the final photo is seen, some may consider that Verstappen almost became champion. The points speak for themselves, as he only had 8 points more than Hamilton. However, if we review other figures, the superiority of the Dutchman will be seen and it can be seen that he was the biggest winner in Formula 1.

Max was the leader in 652 laps during the year, which is 50.2% of the total in 2021. More than double what Hamilton could add (297) and also more than the other 9 drivers combined who were first during the races (348).

In the Abu Dhabi race, Verstappen was only the leader on the last lap. In the most important, because it meant finishing first in the general classification. It has also been the season in which he has achieved the most victories: 10 of the 20 victories he has had in his entire career. It should be remembered that he started in F1 in 2016 when he was a minor in the Toro Rosso team, Red Bull’s B team.

In addition, Max has achieved the best winning streak of his career, winning in France, Austria and the Styrian Grand Prix. Not only that, but he has also been on the podium 18 times out of 22 races this season. In the last four years, he has achieved 49 podium finishes in 81 races, which means 60% reflecting the growth of the Red Bull driver.

Great teamwork from Red Bull

Max Verstappen has shown that he is a great driver, but to be a champion he needs a great car and that is what Red Bull gave him. Not only that, but also that he was developing the car during the season, making improvements and making the pit stops in less time. In 13 races he was the best tire changer, even setting a record time of 1.88 seconds in Hungary.

This will also be an exciting season and although Verstappen, last year’s biggest Formula 1 winner starts as favourite, changes in regulations and bets from other teams will make the competition very tough. If you are a fan of F1, you can take advantage of Betfair promotions that can be used in the queen category of speed.