The biggest scandals in the boxing world

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 10/1/2022 · 17:38 hs Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, in which events of all kinds have ha

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 10/1/2022 · 17:38 hs

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, in which events of all kinds have happened. That is why we are going to bring you the most important scandals of the boxers.

Julio César Chavez and his addiction to drugs that almost led him to suicide

After having been world champion and conquering the great boxing stages, the great JC fell on multiple occasions in the temptations of fame, he knew drugs and said by him it was the worst thing that ever happened to him, it was like being in the same Hell, on some occasion under the influence of the substances he felt so sad that he even tried to commit suicide by shooting himself with a pistol, for his fortune and that of all his followers he did not do so.

Julio was repeatedly admitted to addiction clinics, but when he left, he relapsed again, until once, thanks to the help of his current wife Miriam and their son Julio, they tricked him to the doctor but actually admitted him back to a clinic and thus I finally managed to quit drugs and today he is a healthy and well-rounded person.

Carlos Monzón accused of murdering his ex-partner

In 1989, Carlos Monzón, who is considered the highest benchmark in Argentine boxing, was sentenced to eleven years in prison for having murdered Alicia Muñiz, his ex-partner, although there were some mitigating factors such as the fact that the crime was neither planned nor in cold blood, but rather emotional and under the influence of alcohol. History of gender-based violence towards other women with whom he was related, such as his first wife, was also considered. Another proof was the complaints that Alicia Muñiz made at the police station alleging that he was jealous of her, humiliated and beat her.

Mike Tyson went to jail for rape

One of the greatest in the history of heavy weights, in 1992 was imprisoned for the rape of Desiree Washington, an 18-year-old model, on March 26 he received a sentence of 10 years, 6 in prison and 4 of probation , but he was released for good behavior in March 1995, returning to the ring that same year and winning a world title again the following year.

Floyd Mayweather stepped foot in jail after beating his son’s mother

The undefeated, “The Money” . was sentenced in 2012 to 90 days in jail in Las Vegas, Nevada, after being convicted of a crime of gender violence against his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Josie Harris. whom he himself confessed that he had beaten.

Edwin Valero murdered his wife

The Venezuelan, Edwin Valero, was called to be a boxing phenomenon and become one of the greatest glories of the sport for his country, in his beginnings he had a record of 18 consecutive victories, all of them won by knockout in the first round. In addition, in his 27 victories throughout his career, he won all of them by knockout. His career ended at dawn on April 17, 2010, Edwin Valero went down to the reception of a hotel in Valencia where he was staying and confessed that he had killed his 24-year-old wife. Valero was jailed and there he committed suicide two days later by hanging himself with his own clothes.