The Boston Celtics will play the NBA Finals

I don't understand anything. The last entry I left here was on 02/11/2022, commenting on the arrivals of Derrick White and Daniel Theis. A few

I don’t understand anything. The last entry I left here was on 02/11/2022, commenting on the arrivals of Derrick White and Daniel Theis. A few days earlier, with the Celtics beginning to pick up a run just before the All-Star break, he wrote this:

“I do not want to wake up. We have all had those kinds of dreams that are fantastic, vivid, in which you enjoy like a small child and that, unfortunately, always end before their time.

The Celtics’ season isn’t going like that at all. We would just be talking about a nightmare, but in my case, after many portions of hate and many other annoyances, I am beginning to dominate it. Yes, I’ll give you an example.

I know that it is quite common, despite the fact that one is already an age, to suffer “nightmares” in which you have to face some type of exam. Mine range from subjects I haven’t studied since I was 15, to college finals. Obviously, these exams catch you by surprise, you haven’t studied anything and the totally unjustified tension they generate makes you have a really bad time. Yesterday I had one of these dreams, in this case, I had a Geography midterm and I didn’t even know where I had to do it.

Well, to my surprise, yesterday I started mastering it. My “me” of dreams began to ask himself things that he had never thought about: what the hell am I doing here? ! what’s going on?. None of the people who accompanied me in that dream knew how to answer my questions, what’s more, they generated so much discomfort that my subconscious ended up waking me up, something that I did not want, since I finally felt powerful within that dream.

Go smoked I’m telling you. If you’re still around, just wrap up this whole ramble by explaining that I don’t want to wake up from the “nightmare” the Celtics are experiencing this season. They still have a lot of problems to solve, but it seems that, little by little, they are finding their way, dominating the nightmare and beginning to know how to play with it. Basically, the Celtics won’t let us fucking wake up.

I hope they don’t wake us up from sleep now. That they keep winning, that they keep defending, that we don’t have to eat another tremendous milk out of nowhere in the form of a historic comeback from the rival team. I think the Celtics are no longer going to give us so much trouble, that they have understood certain key things (despite the fact that anyone can have a bad night).»

February 2022. 4 months ago. What the hell is going on? The boston celticssuffering as always, have managed to beat the Miami Heat and reach the NBA finals, in which they will face the Golden State Warriors. The Boston Celtics, first winners of the renowned Bob Cousy Trophy. Poetic.

Nets, Bucks, Heat and now some Warriors that seem better than all of these. They could not “choose” a more tortuous path. But if it’s not difficult, we wouldn’t be talking about these Boston Celtics.

commented Jayson Tatumwith his Larry Bird trophy for the MVP of the Conference Finals still in hand, that the game that hurt him the most to lose in those months that are so far away now, was the one in which RJ Barrett hit that triple at the buzzer, precisely defended by the star forward of the Celtics.

The Boston Celtics will play the NBA Finals.

I don’t think I can write this. 2022 doesn’t make any sense. A year in which the Celtics have been dominant, in which they have shut up literally all of us, and that they can finish off in the best possible way.

The opponent is going to be incredibly tough, like I said, probably the best they’ve faced in the postseason this year. They are not favorites, they have a couple of players who are on one leg, and many others totally busted. They’ve been through injuries, childbirth, COVID, horrendous games and a bunch of other potholes. And they have gotten up after every fall. Time after time, after every wafer, they have risen to their feet and struck back. This team is made for this.

The Boston Celtics will play the NBA Finals.

I repeat it so that he still doesn’t believe it. I’m still assimilating it. These Celtics are built on pain. I do not have doubts. They bought an idea after suffering a thousand defeats. They endured the embarrassment of not meeting expectations, they accepted their mistakes and, so far, they have come this far.

The Boston Celtics have gone from being pounded, pounded, and shredded by every means calling for the Jays to be split, for Smart to leave the team, for Udoka to be replaced by a veteran, to lifting the trophy proclaiming them the best team in the Eastern Conference in 5 months. Has no sense.

The Boston Celtics will play the NBA Finals. And damn, how good it feels to be able to say it.