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The Boxer and the General – Opinion

On some occasion, boxer Oscar Bonavena was introduced to General Alejandro Agustín Lanusse. and Ringowith the impudence that characterized him, shaking his hand, he said: “Two powers greet each other. If we agreed, with my intelligence and your looks, where would we get to?”

Lanusse, the Spout Lanusse, was my father’s second cousin. This has not prevented me from having greater sympathy for him, for several reasons, namely: for having been among those who overthrew General Lonardi, the chivalrous artilleryman who led the call Liberating Revolution; for having contributed to the fall of General Onganía, the best ruler that we Argentines had in recent times, delaying the intervention of the Third Army Corps when The Cordobazo; for having accepted that England laudated in the conflict over the Beagle; and for having had Fracisco Manrique in his office, who was not a saint of my devotion.

As for Bonavena, he was a self-satisfied individual who tragically died at the gates of a brothel in the United States. He was a good boxer, overcoming the inconvenience of having flat feet.

One time, integrating a panel, with a priest among those who directed the debate, this one, to leave it well to Ringo, asked him what was a medal that Bonavena wore around his neck, thinking it was a religious image. But the boxer replied that it was the effigy of a boxer. To fix the matter, the priest asked him if he had ever taken pity on his rival, when he himself was in bad shape. Ringo he answered yes. The priest then asked him about the reason for his compassion. And Oscar answered: Because I thought that one day I could be the one to find myself in that situation. New plate of the priest.

To recognize some merit to Bonavena, it is worth noting the courage with which he faced Cassius Clay, who was on the verge of knockout.

Although I was a regular at ring side of Luna Park, I didn’t get to see him fight. Although I did witness the fights of other greats like goyo Peralta, Alfonso Senatore La Cruz and the Negro Luis Federico Thomson.

It was in that same ring side where Eva Duarte managed to sit next to then Colonel Perón, to start a relationship that would go down in the annals of History.

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