The boxing evenings will return to the central court of El Sargal on February 19

The El Sargal sports center will return to the boxing evenings next February with an evening

The El Sargal sports center will return to the boxing evenings next February with an evening that will feature boxers from Cuenca and includes a professional fight. The previous evening dates back to February 2019, which recovered the combats of this sport after 18 years.

The Councilor for Sports, Charo Rodríguez Patiño, has advanced that «on February 19 we will have a boxing evening in El Sargal. This time it is organized by Antón Mihail from the La Roca club. We are working on it and it will be on center court, if all goes well. These same sources have confirmed that «the organizer is different from the last evening in El Sargal. The idea that he has proposed to us is to organize a series of fights with boxers from Cuenca, who are his students, and also a professional fight that will be starred by him along with a guest. That is the main idea and we are with him finalizing the details.

Rodríguez Patiño has highlighted, among the next sporting events that the city will host, the Men’s Basketball Comunitelia Cup on February 5 and 6, which will be played on February 5 and 6 by the four best regional teams. «The Globalcaja Cuenca, Daimiel and La Solana will be there and one is missing that is still at stake. And the following weekend, February 12 and 13, we will also have in El Sargal the equivalent in the women’s second division that will be played by Cuenca, Puertollano and two teams that have yet to be defined.

In this case, the possibility of playing the games on the ‘Paulino Fernández’ central court has been assessed “but there are complications with the scoreboard, baskets, lines… So it will be on the ‘Esperanza Calvo’ court where we have made repairs such as repainting the lines”.

In March, the Disabled Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship is scheduled, first regional and then national, and on March 19 the Luis Ocaña sports complex will host the Regional Long Distance Master Swimming Championship. “It is interesting because we are the only city that has two pools together. Normally this competition is held in two different places at the same time, in two different cities; and Cuenca provides them with the possibility of having two pools simultaneously and carrying out the joint test”, Rodríguez Patiño highlighted.

These same sources have indicated that “complaints have reached us from participants in sporting events due to the high prices of accommodation in Cuenca. It is true that sometimes we bring events for real promotion and we should all row in the same direction.