The boxing fashion for them pushes Morales Box to open its seventh boxing boutique

Boxing is one of the sports that most reduces stress and allows all muscle groups to be exercised simultaneously Boxing has been earning poi

Boxing is one of the sports that most reduces stress and allows all muscle groups to be exercised simultaneously

Boxing has been earning points for some years among the most fashionable sports for Spanish women. Proof of this is that, in less than a month, the young company Morales Box, consolidated as the first boutique chain of boxing gyms, will inaugurate its seventh center in a large premises located between the Madrid municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón and Aravaca.

But, what does this discipline have that tango engages in?
“Boxing, as understood in Morales Box, is a non-contact sport, although all the centers in the chain have a ring where higher-level clients can practice what they have learned in class, supervised at all times by the center staff ”, affirms Cristian Morales, double boxing champion of Spain in lightweight and Hispanic World Champion, and founder of this chain of gyms.

With this simple change, which until a few years ago was considered a completely masculine sport, has eliminated the barriers, has discovered all the benefits it brings, and has become everything a phenomenon for all types of public, and especially among women.

“Boxing has multiple advantages,” adds Morales. It is a sport that burns calories, simultaneously exercises all muscle groups, strengthening, defining and enhancing their flexibility, and it is also one of the activities that most reduces stress and improves mood.

So, going back to the advantages of this sport, let’s see what they are

The most beneficial exercises of practicing boxing
Jump rope. This apparently childish exercise activates all the muscles and tendons of the legs, arms and core, reinforcing the entire cardiovascular system. The rope helps to improve concentration, reduce stress, improve breathing, develop coordination, etc. “With all this, the muscles are strengthened and we help – in a fun way – to prevent injuries”, says this boxing expert.

Boxing punches and dodges them. These two exercises, complementary to each other, help to improve strength, speed, coordination and endurance of the arms and hips. The biceps and triceps have to work quickly improving their tone and speed, and the abs will be in charge of connecting the whole body. “Anyone who has tried it will have seen how it burns fat in a localized way and refines the waist,” says Morales. In addition, it is proven that these attack and defense movements generate security in other types of situations.

Sack work. It is a high intensity exercise that, in addition to burning calories, puts all the muscles of the body in tension and allows for a more agile and slimmer body. This type of exercise is especially effective in the abdominal area, chest and arms, but also in improving strength, muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

But without a doubt, boxing’s biggest secret is the benefits on a mental and emotional level. Boxing is the sport that de-stresses the most. In addition, most of the women who practice it affirm that it is a fun activity and that it improves their mood, generating significant self-confidence, Morales concludes.

To complete all these exercises, Morales Box classes also incorporate some more physical exercises such as sit-ups, squats, burpees, dips, etc. that help strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system and complete the benefits of each of these classes.

And, although it seems impossible, to start boxing training, it is not necessary to be in shape because group trainers adapt the exercises to each person, helping new fans to train from scratch and without major problems, helping the body to adapt quickly to these new routines.

“The ideal, says Morales, is to start with two or three sessions per week, up to four days, because the body needs to rest from this sport like any other.

The Morales Box chain
The young chain Morales Box will reach seven centers
throughout the month of January 2022, five of them in Madrid -Chamberí, Chamartín, Las Tablas, Alcalá 507 and soon Pozuelo-; one more in the Basque Country (Bilbao) and Valencia, a center inaugurated last September 2020, shortly after the months of confinement.

The new establishment, which has an excellent location, large windows that bathe the interior of the gym with light and an outdoor terrace that will be used both for group classes and as a VIP area for personal training, has already started the pre-sale of places ” Founding Partner”.

Morales Box offers boxing classes for all audiences in all its centers lasting one hour -from 7 in the morning to 11 at night-, based on a personalized training method. In Morales Box the client chooses between group or personal training, but always focused on the welfare of people.