The Bunkers Santa Laura Stadium 2023 | When and where is it? | Where to buy tickets?

MUSICThe penquista quintet scheduled a massive show to reunite with their fans.By sebastian medina05/02/2022 - 12:38 p.m. CLT 05/02/2022 - 12:38 p.

The penquista quintet scheduled a massive show to reunite with their fans.

The members of Los Bunkers.© The members of Los Bunkers.

What Come here was baptized the show with which The bunkersthe most recognized Chilean band of the 21st century, will return to the local music scene and reconnect with its fans after a break of almost a decade.

The group made up of Alvaro López, Francisco Duran, Mauricio Durán, Gonzalo López and Mauricio Basualto They will meet after their separation in 2014, except for the two historic concerts offered in Plaza Baquedano and at the University of Concepción, within the framework of the Social Revolt, in December 2019.

As indicated by the quintet, “It is an invitation for all those who want to share a collective, fraternal, unique and communion experience with our songs. We are very excited to perform this concert and meet again with our audience that during all this time has not stopped showing us their love, which never ceases to amaze us”.

The Bunkers | When and where will the show be in Santiago?

The Santa Laura Stadium-SEK University It is the place chosen for the return of The bunkerswhich was set for the Saturday March 11, 2023.

The announcement came 24 hours after the same musicians were shown playing together via live broadcast on social media.

The Bunkers | When and how to buy tickets for the concert at the Santa Laura Stadium?

Ticket sales will begin this Thursday, May 5, starting at 12:00 p.m. (Chile) through the PuntoTicket system.

Tickets will be available with the following values:

– Gallery: $24,990
– Court: $36,990
– Reduced Mobility: $36,990
– Reduced Mobility Companion: $ 36,990
– Andes Grandstand: $48,990
– North Side Grandstand: $59,990
– South Side Grandstand: $59,990
– Marquee: $ 80,990