The Castle of San Felipe and the Military Museum of Menorca launch an online ticket sales system – Menorca

At the beginning of May, the monuments managed by the Menorca Military Consortium, that is, the San Felipe Castle, the Menorca Military Museum and

At the beginning of May, the monuments managed by the Menorca Military Consortium, that is, the San Felipe Castle, the Menorca Military Museum and La Mola, reopened their doors to allow visits to their facilities.

This reopening has been carried out with important innovations that have in common a clear commitment to new technologies and environmental sustainability.

First of all, it is important to note that it is now possible to buy tickets online to visit the Military Museum and/or the Castle of San Felipe. This initiative can be carried out through the payment platform installed on the Consorcio Militar de Menorca website, www.consorciomilitarmenorca.com.

The director of the Consortium, Colonel Víctor Manuel Herrero, has stated that “we must modernize ourselves through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to promote the monuments that we manage. The website is adapted to mobile phones and tablets, so that with this new online ticket sales platform we make it easier for tourists and residents to plan visits to the Military Museum and/or the San Felipe Castle in advance. In addition, with this proposal we intend to increase the number of people who come to see the Castle of San Felipe, the great hidden fortress of Menorca due to its numerous underground tunnels that it treasures”.

Another important novelty of the Military Consortium of Menorca is the three promotional videos that have been recorded of the Military Museum, the Castle of San Felipe and La Mola by means of the use of a drone, so that some very impressive and spectacular images have been obtained that offer a very special and different aspect of the three monuments. In fact, never before in the history of these sites have they been seen in such an incredible way.

In relation to the Fortress of Isabel II, La Mola, this summer two new electric vehicles have already been released and, in addition, four electric scooters have also been incorporated, with the aim of facilitating the mobility of visitors so that they can comfortably get to know the main points of interest of the monument. The manager of the company that manages the visits, Rafa Durán, has shown that “we must take into account that La Mola is a peninsula of more than one million square meters located in the middle of nature and, therefore, it is very It is important to combine the maximum comfort of visitors with the preservation of the environment. The use of non-polluting vehicles is ideal to respond to both aspects. Our commitment to sustainability is resounding and admits no exceptions”.

It is important to remember that La Mola continues to offer the family activity “The Game of La Mola” which premiered last October. This is an initiative for families with children from 6 years of age (recommended) during which the history of Menorca is known by going through the galleries of the fortress and participating, at the same time, in the fun games that are prepare for the occasion.

Group visits are also still allowed and specialized visits to the Vickers Canyon, guided tours during sunset and the instructive theatrical show “La Sombra de la Mola” continue to be offered.

More information on the website http://www.fortalesalamola.com/.