The Colombian Football Federation turns 97: history and data

The Colombian Football Federation celebrates 97 years since its foundation and here we will review when its history began, some important data and

The Colombian Football Federation celebrates 97 years since its foundation and here we will review when its history began, some important data and other moments that remained on the books of the institution that has been in charge of handling all the issues of the Colombian National Team since 1924.

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the beginning

In 1924, the city of Barranquilla was the right place to start the Atlantic Football League, in order to establish some measures and guidelines for Colombian professional football. Three years later, it received recognition from government authorities to be called Barranquilla, the Colombian Soccer Amateur Division.

It was so successful that some representatives of the Barranquilla entity traveled throughout the country to give it a more national focus. With this decision, clubs from the big cities of Colombia appeared and their name changed to ADEFÚTBOL (Colombian Football Association). This step also helped to hold the National Games and give structure to national football.


In 1936 the Government of Colombia, headed by Alfonso López Pumarejo, signed its legalization and FIFA had a Congress in Berlin to program the Olympic Games, and there the affiliation of Colombia to the highest regulatory body of world football was approved in the first instance. . It was later accepted the same year.

The first Selection

In 1937, Bogotá celebrated its 400th anniversary with the organization of the first Bolivarian Games. On this occasion, the first official call for a Colombian National Team was made. Months ago an international tournament had been held in Cali with teams from Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Cuba; A team played there, which was carried out through a national call, but without being official.

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Dimayor and Difutbol Foundation

In 1948 the Major Division of Professional Soccer Colombia was created thanks to the good performance of the national teams that were distributed by regions and that determined a progress in the level and performance to have a professional league. That same year Independiente Santa Fe was champion, as the first champion of the local tournament.

In 1938 some amateur tournaments were already seen but it was until 1978 that the dream of being able to formalize non-professional soccer in the country came true and thus give life to Difutbol (Colombian Soccer Amateur Division).

Best moments

For the year 1948 the first professional soccer tournament was played, where the FCF managed to impart its mandate through Dimayor, which since then has been in charge of the local league of the first division.

In 1962, the Colombian National Team played its first World Cup in Chile, where it lost 1-2 to Uruguay, fell 5-0 by Yugoslavia and drew with the USSR in a match with eight goals, leaving 4-4 ​​on the scoreboard. Francisco Zuluaga became the first Colombian player to score in a World Cup against Uruguay.

In 2014, Colombia played its best World Cup, after having spent more than 16 years without qualifying for the highest football event and leaving the National Team as one of the favorites, eliminated in the quarterfinals against the host Brazil.

In 2019, women managed to make history at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, where they managed to win the gold medal in a heart attack final against Argentina, which was defined in the penalty shoot-out.

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