The Costa de Azahar Golf Club, history and tradition

The Costa de Azahar Golf Club has always been present in the history of sport and leisure in the province of Castellonspecificall

The Costa de Azahar Golf Club, history and tradition

The Costa de Azahar has always been present in the of sport and leisure in the province of Castellonspecifically since 1960. Year after year, season after season, the club grows both in the social field and in sports and that makes it a benchmark club not only in the world of Golf of the Valencian Community but at the national level.

In the Castellón entity, three generations shake hands and share concerns and can even compete together, measuring each other in official tournaments and enjoying a sport that helps keep body and mind in perfect condition.

Since its foundation, the Grau club has always been present in the sporting life of Castelló, contributing a very important number of professionals from the sector in the different categories. All of them trained since their youth in the Costa de Azahar due to their training vocation, which is another of the pillars of the Castellón entity. From the age of 5, even some daring with less, they learn the values ​​of the culture of sport, but this training is not only offered to the youngest but also to those who decide at an advanced age to enjoy golf.

In fact, due to the physiognomy of the course and its 9 holes is ideal for older gamers, since of the 850 members –all of them federated–, more than 300 are over 65 years old. Thanks to the tight cost structure, the Grau Club offers a very affordable Green Fee for them, even at a lower cost than many gyms.

Qualified staff

The great team of professionals that make up the Costa de Azahar make both the learning process and the sport itself a unique experience, making the difficult easy. In addition, they facilitate the comfort of their members at all times and offer them varied activities to enjoy unforgettable experiences at flexible hours.

The club, together with an excellent marina, a powerful flying club and a fantastic beach, has become an important point for non-seasonal tourism. In addition, to this is added the fact that the Costa Azahar generates employment by having a staff of 16 jobsbetween gardeners, attention to personnel and administration, plus five golf professionals.


Golf is characterized by being a respectful sport with the environment and nature. For this reason, the club takes care of its environment, planting an average of fifty pine trees a year. Water consumption also entails a great responsibility for an entity the size of the Costa Azahar, which is why 80% of its consumption is recycled waterto enhance the sustainability of both the club and its surroundings.