The Costa Esuri Open tournament, the great golf event this weekend in Ayamonte

The Valle Guadiana Links Golf Course in Ayamonte will host the Costa Esuri Open 2022 Tournament this Saturday, hand in hand with the Costa Esuri La

The Valle Guadiana Links Golf Course in will host the Costa 2022 this Saturday, hand in hand with the Costa Esuri La Luz neighborhood association, in collaboration with the Municipal Sports Board of the City Council.

In his speech at the event, the deputy mayor Isaac Maestre thanked the organizing group for their work and highlighted the importance of golf in the deseasonalization of tourism in the coastal municipality, in which the City Council works in order to ensure that tourism, the main driver of the local economy, is a constant in the municipality throughout the year, beyond the summer season. Maestre recalled that, “in its commitment to encourage tourist activity”, the Consistory carries out numerous actions aimed at “promoting sports, gastronomic, cultural, heritage or nature tourism, with the aim of offering alternatives to sun tourism and beach”.

Maestre, who has indicated that the government team maintains “a hand outstretched to the residents of this residential area to attend to their needs and demands”, he recalled “the important sports facilities that our town haswhich include two golf courses, Isla Canela Golf and Valle Guadiana Links, whose reopening was possible thanks to the efforts made by the mayor of the city, Natalia Santos, upon her arrival at the municipal government”.

The presentation ceremony, in which the secretary of the association also took part, Marina Martinezwho thanked the City Council and the PMD for their support, also had the assistance of the councilor responsible for Sports, Manuel Márquez, and numerous members of the British colony in Ayamonte, who were addressed in their original language by the vice president of the residents of this residential area, Terry McGuire.

The tournament, which will feature 80 participantswill start at 9:00, while the awards ceremony is scheduled for 14:00.