The Council and Sareb agree on the golf course in Monte Faro and land for social housing

The mayor, Telmo Martín, and the coordinator of Serviland Urban Management, Marta De Santos Sánchez, signed an agreement on Tuesd

The mayor, Telmo Martín, and the coordinator of Serviland Urban Management, Marta De Santos Sánchez, signed an agreement on Tuesday to promote a specific modification of the PXOM in three urbanizable land majority-owned by . “The agreement that we have just signed is a good example of how two institutions can work for the general interest, in this case the residents of Sanxenxo obtain 133 hectares between the different public transfers, 3% of the extension of the municipal term”, he assured. the mayor, Telmo Martin.

Specifically, the SU-11 in Alto de Miraflores (100% owned by Sareb), the SU-14 in Monte Faro (67% owned by Sareb) and the SU-27 Altamira-Vilalonga, (98% owned by Sareb). The agreement establishes a maximum period of 24 months for the initial approval of the modification of the PGOM that will promote the . Extendable period in 6 months for justified reasons and outside the Concello, and that will start counting from the beginning of the environmental evaluation procedure.

Sareb and the City Council have been negotiating for months and on the opportunity to improve urban planning “for the benefit of the landscape, social, tourist and economic interest of Sanxenxo. The specific modification of the PGOM in these three lands will promote the viability of the area and will generate significant advantages for the neighbors”, according to the Council.

SU-11 Alto de Miraflores It has an extension of 139,230 m2. 70% of its surface area, 96,582 m2 (up to now 14,392 m2) is classified as rustic land for forest protection, which Sareb will cede to create a green area for the residents to enjoy. On the other hand, and due to the landscape interest of the area, the modification will significantly reduce the buildability, The 414 homes that the development of this land provides will be reduced to 10 single-family homes.

SU-14 Mount Beacon It has an extension of 1,485,920 m2. The modification of this land implies the reduction of 57 dwellings, from 1,347 to 1,290. Public free spaces will increase from 1,073,920 m2 to 1,231,385 m2. Among which a course is included that the promoter has to deliver already executed to the Council and that will allow Sanxenxo to improve the tourist offer and grow as a holiday destination throughout the year.

SU-27 Altamira-Vilalonga It has an area of ​​85,651 m2, of which 35,340 m2 are allocated to free public spaces (so far 8,761 m2). In this case, the modification increases the buildable area by 111 homes, from 214 to 325, since its development will include affordable housing for youth and land where the Council will be able to make facilities for the elderly.

The three floors add up to 1,710,586 m2 of which 78% (1,337,722 m2) are used for free public spaces. In addition, the 1,975 dwellings that the current PGOM contemplates on these lands is reduced to 1,625, 350 less dwellings. The Council is grateful for Sareb’s willingness and collaboration, which has allowed an agreement that fosters viability conditions for the sectors and, furthermore, is, at the same time, very beneficial for the residents of Sanxenxo who will gain ample public spaces, new facilities, homes affordable and development more integrated into the landscape.