The Country Club of Cali vibrated with the Anniversary Golf Tournament for Couples

Three exciting days with a great atmosphere were lived from Friday to Sunday at the Cali Club with the Golf for ‘Fabio Villamizar Zurek’ 2021, which was left in the hands of Santiago Tobón (CC Medellín) and Esteban Restrepo (CC Medellín).

Recognized throughout the country’s golf community for its organization and the ability to compete alongside professionals, this edition was no exception and the game did not disappoint.

With cards of 64-70-65, Tobón and Restrepo achieved the victory at -14 for the championship with two strokes difference over the second couple on the general board: Nicolás Echavarría (CC Medellín) and Antonio Dager (CC Cali) who finished in -12 after rounds of 63-73-65.

“We have already played with Santiago several tournaments in the past and managed to be champions in several. We had been playing very well, we had a cushion of advantage and this sport is so unpredictable, that in two holes we lost all the advantage, but there it served a lot Santiago’s maturity as a professional, we calmed down and continued up. I think that was like a clean slate, we ended up with three consecutive birdies and we managed to be champions again, “said Restrepo.

“I feel very happy, we played very well, we were very close at some point and did almost everything we could, but Esteban and Santiago played very well closing the tournament, so we congratulate them. It felt a lot of pressure, it was incredible. Many people here watching and it is always incredible to play in this field of the Cali Country Club, they treat you like at home and I am very happy with the Club for everything, we thank Alejandro Díaz ‘Chany’ for the tournament, it was incredible ” , Echavarría pointed out.

The third box was occupied by the locals Wilson Toro (CC Cali) and Luis F. Sardi (CC Cali) after signing with 66-71-65 for -11 total.

“It was a wonderful day, today we played very well, we were waiting for the tournament, at some point we thought about winning but things did not work out, however we are very happy with this third place and with the organization of the tournament,” said Toro.

On the other hand, the Caleño Mateo Gómez (Farallones) lived a good return to the courses as a professional golfer by occupying the fifth position with his brother Juan S. Gómez (Farallones) and finishing in -7.

It was also the return of Diego Vanegas (Farallones), together with Raúl Angarita (CC Bucaramanga), after recovering from a serious health condition with great courage and strength-

For this edition, the Cali Campestre Anniversary Tournament prepared a bag of $ 72,500,000.