The curses of soccer that were cut in Mexico and the world

In the world of football, curses of all kinds have been ended, but the most transcendental are those where a club that had not raised a trophy for

In the world of football, curses of all kinds have been ended, but the most transcendental are those where a club that had not raised a trophy for a long time is finally bathed in glory, as happened in 2021 in Mexico.

Here are some soccer curses that were finally cut:

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After being champion with Atlas, America would like to take over Argentine striker Julio Furch.

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Mauricio Gasca Bobadilla


Dec 18, 2021

Jesús Dueñas would have put an end to his relationship with Tigres and could be a reinforcement for Bravos de Juárez.

Stove Soccer: Aldrete, Dueñas, ‘Burrito’, Bilbao, Sosa and more rumors of the transfer market of Liga MX

The Grita Mexico 2021 Tournament has come to an end and planning begins for the 2022 Clausura of the MX League: Here are the rumors of signings of the Soccer Stove.

Mauricio Gasca Bobadilla


Dec 16, 2021

Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi

The possible eleven of PSG to debut in the French Cup: Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappé could rest

This will be the line-up that Mauricio Pochettino will surely draw to try to advance to the round of 32 of the French Cup.

Javier Álvarez Beigbeder Suárez


Dec 18, 2021

Icardi with PSG

Juventus want Mauro Icardi for the Champions League

Juventus wants Mauro Icardi for the Champions League

Eitan Benzaquén


Dec 16, 2021

It took seven decades for the Rojinegros to add their second Liga MX title, after having been champions in the 1950-51 season when the Leagues and long tournaments were played, where the one with the most points was made with the scepter.

This December, the Academy returned to a final, after not doing it for more than 20 years, and managed to equal Lion on the global scoreboard to later be crowned from the penalty spot, with a goal from the Argentine Julius furch.

Ever, Jaime ‘Tubo’ GómezA Chivas goalkeeper in the 1950s, he said that the Foxes would not be champions again after the 1951 campaign and his words were marked as a curse.

The first to break its curse in 2021 was The Celestial Machine, which after denying its ninth title of MX League for 23 years he was able to exchange sadness for joy by beating Santos Laguna.

Unlike Atlas, La Noria’s painting had more dramatic moments, as it reached a large number of finals, falling in each of them, two against its staunch rival, America, as well as others in front of Toluca, Saints, Pachuca and Striped.

Since they added their eighth star to Lion in Winter 97, their fans had to endure ridicule, while the footballers were continually criticized for their attitude when defining the title.

While the helmsman managed to end the 70-year curse of the Atlas, had already achieved other epic jobs in his country, achieving the promotion of Defense and Justice, as well as the Racing title in the Argentine Super League.

In 2014, The falcon He achieved promotion to First from the hand of Cocca, being runner-up by being three points behind the monarch, Banfield. The Defe he had never managed to pass the maximum circuit.

After this feat, Avellaneda’s painting was made its strategist in the summer of 2014. Since 2001, The First Great had not won the League, which the coach achieved by scoring two points against River Plate, so after 13 years The academy he celebrated again.

To that must be added, that Racing had the curse known as ‘The seven cats’, which indicates that the fans of Independent, his eternal rival, buried seven dead cats under a goal. Since then, Avellaneda’s goalkeepers made implausible mistakes and received goals that hurt the club.

In the last times, The Nationale lived great tragedies, because he failed to qualify for the Russia World Cup 2018 and will currently play the repechage to see if it will reach Qatar 2022.

Even though the Azurri have four world champion titles, the Eurocup it was a contest that had been denied him since 1968, since since then he won two runners-up and two fourth places.

Against all odds, the country of the boot managed to reach the grand final, where it beat the host England from eleven steps after having equalized in regulation time.

Some leagues in the world become somewhat boring or predictable when it is nominated by only one or two teams, as happens in Spain, Italy or Germany, but in Portugal and France the hegemony could be ended during 2020 and 2021.

In the Primeira League, the Sporting Lisbon managed to be crowned after 19 years, in a championship that was dominated by the Porto and the Benfica, which have 29 and 37 titles, respectively, while the Lions they achieved number 19 in their history.

On the other hand, in Ligue 1, the last ten years belonged to PSG on seven occasions, one for him. Montpellier and another for him Monaco, until the Bulldogs They triumphed in 2021 to add their fifth star, just ten years after winning the fourth.

Over the years there is a cabal, which is not to touch the trophy, because if someone did it when going out on the field, their team would lose, leaving that lesson to several footballers.

One of them was Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup, as he was expelled and later, France would fall before Italy; In 2005, Gennaro Gatusso He also touched the trophy of the Champions 2005, where AC Milan beat Liverpool 3-0 by a landslide, however, the Reds rose to level the board and beat penalties in the now famous ‘Miracle of Istanbul’.

So there are several stories, but the one who managed to end the cabal was the Brazilian Gabriel Barbosa, because in the 2019 Copa Libertadores the attacker touched the scepter prior to the final duel between River plate and Flamengo.

The millionaires won the game and with a minute to go to the end of regulation time, Gabigol He achieved the draw, apart, a short time later, the South American appeared again taking advantage of a defensive failure to come back and give the title to his team.

In 2015, Sevilla of Spain and Dnipropetrovsk of Ukraine were measured in the final of the Europa League, held in Warsaw.

Before the crash, the element of Nervionenses, the Polish Grzegorz Krychowiak He touched the trophy and still his team would take the glory.

The Ukrainians scored first, then the same Krychowiak would achieve the equalized, with Carlos Bacca giving the comeback, however, Russian rotan would tie again, but in the end, the Colombian achieved his double for the triumph of the Spanish.

During the qualification to the World Cup 70, Australia was the favorite to beat Zimbabwe, so to guarantee victory, the Socceroos they requested the help of a local shaman to curse the rivals. With this, the team won 3-1 without paying the witcher for his services.

According to the story, the curse was reversed towards those of Oceania, since since then they could not return to a World Cup, until 32 years later.

In 2004, an Australian television personality, John safran, sought two shamans to end the spell through various rituals, which returned the selected to the world tournament in 2006.

One of the cons that Lionel Messi has received the most in his career is not having raised any title with his selected team, but finally in 2021 he managed to calm his detractors by raising the America Cup.

In the grand finale, The Albiceleste the hostess was measured Brazil from Neymar JrSo I had a few cons though, Angel Di Maria he became the hero so that La Pulga could finally fulfill one of his greatest wishes.

The Yellow Submarine was not a favorite in the Europa League this year, apart from his rival in the grand final was the Manchester United, who they put as the winner of the match.

In a match that had nothing to envy the Champions League, both teams took everything to the definition from the eleven steps, in a too dramatic shoot that ended with the goalkeeper David De Gea failing to put the Spanish team as monarch.

Since 2012, no one had been able to take away the domain from the Vecchia Signora, which stole the glory from AC Milan, Napoli and AS Roma, until the Internazionale pushed it aside.

From the hand of Antonio Conte, The Great Snake He put together a great team, having a great season that helped him add his 17th title, after a decade of not celebrating.

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