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“The data does not say that young people are bored with consuming soccer”

Fernando Sanz, director of LaLiga ambassadors, said that it is not true that young people are bored with consuming football and assured that the data indicates the opposite during his intervention in a talk about the future of football within the World Football Summit.

“Young people continue to consume a lot of football. You go around the world and all the people wear the jersey. It is true that in other formats, perhaps not the entire game … but the data does not say that young people It is boring to consume football. They say otherwise, “he said.

“Soccer competes against other entertainment. Netflix, Formula 1, other platforms … you have to constantly update yourself because if not the one in control chooses another option. To keep up, you have to update and give the end consumer a Very good product. Not only what you have on the field with the players but also with the camera shot and a host of things that have been worked on a lot in LaLiga, “he defended.

On the other hand, he was in favor of the VAR video arbitration system: “I am in love with VAR, it does justice to the injustices that occurred before. Now everything is much fairer, almost 98% of the problems are solved. It is a very big one. solution to many problems that existed before “.

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