The embarrassing rule that makes Formula 1 drivers uncomfortable

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 4/12/2022 08:09 a.m. The Formula 1 has modified some of its guidelines and in the Australian Grand Prix they wer

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 4/12/2022 08:09 a.m.

The has modified some of its guidelines and in the they were complied with after they went unnoticed in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Now the FIA ​​notes that all pilots must wear flame retardant underwear and leaving everyone’s personal clothing during the race, a situation that bothered more than one.

The controversial measure that F1 has taken has been for mere prevention but some have been dissatisfied with how they have been forced to comply with it. In the Australian GP, ​​which was won by the Monegasque Charles Leclerc from ferrariwas the first race to ask drivers to abide by the order and these were the impressions of the pilots.

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This is how the F1 drivers took the measure

At first, Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri decided to ignore the subject by commenting that he was not going to comment on it until he was very explicit about how permissive he could be with his private parts. “If you want to review them, feel free, I have nothing to hide… If that makes you happy”added the French prior to the Australian GP.

For their part, Daniel Ricciardo and also spoke about the clothing that protects drivers from possible burns. “Obviously we wear the leggings, if you want to call it that, but We don’t have fireproof. So it was more of a surprise, I had never heard of it”, the Australian was sincere.

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“If it helps us stay a little bit safer in those situations, then of course I’ll invest in some. But I don’t think they will,” the McLaren driver said.

While Hamilton noted that “It’s been the longest driver briefing of my life” and noted that it was strange to be talking about it: “I don’t really understand the little things that they’re picking up, like underwear. Are we really talking about that kind of thing? But we keep going”, declared the driver.

This is how Leclerc, ‘Checo’ Pérez and Russell celebrated the podium at the Australian GP: