The family of boxer Ariel Camargo fights to clarify his death

Ariel Camargo Ariel Camargo He was a promising Argentine boxer based in Spain who died in January in a traffic accident.

Ariel Camargo

Ariel Camargo He was a promising Argentine boxer based in Spain who died in January in a traffic accident. His family sends us this letter for general knowledge and so that the case of the death of his son can be resolved. Here it is.

Note from the family of Ariel Camargo

Ariel Camargo He was a boxer, who at the age of 20 traveled from Argentina to Spain to succeed in boxing. On January 10 he turned 21 and on January 25 he bumped into a car driven by a lady who, from what everyone has told us, has vision problems and on her driver’s license is prohibited from driving at certain times.

In Spain it was winter at that time, at 7:50 in the morning (still dark in winter) and in the rain, Ariel was riding his bike to his training as he did every day. This lady ran him over and Ariel died on the spot. But to begin with, there are things that are too strange, starting with Ariel’s cell phone, which was totally destroyed, not even making a sound, not even charging it (they told us that the cell phone vibrated all the time, that many people called it and messages also reached it until 10 or 11 in the morning, that is, until two or three hours after the events) and when they gave us the cell phone it was destroyed and it does not work or charge it, or in any way.

After the accident, everything was very strange… the Civil Guard did things in a strange way, the first lawyer who had the case, when he got the report, the first thing he said about covering the woman was “the woman was wearing glasses”, which was not we understood at first and then when we looked for another lawyer he told us that the woman was prohibited from driving at those times, then they told us that it was all Ariel’s fault, when as far as we know a car stopped him and lit it up as he was passing by and the woman on the other side was the one who ran him over.

In the report it is said that there is no type of braking (marks on the ground) and close friends went to check the place and there was a braking mark. Now, the worst, as we all know cases where there is a death and more of that type take years to resolve, here not even six months ago and everything has already been archived.

The judge asked our lawyer not to pursue the case, things are too weird, right? We also have to clarify that nobody took care of anything, neither Ariel’s insurance, nor the woman’s car insurance, nobody. We also wanted to comment that the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona contacted us the first days after the accident and everything we asked for was denied.

We only ask from the heart that you help us share the story. I know that this is not going to bring Ariel back, but we cannot let the death of a child who had an impressive future ahead of him remain as if it was the death of an animal, that not even an animal deserves this. We just want justice to be done, it hurts our souls to no longer have our Ariel with us, they all have children, they all have siblings, nephews, grandchildren, cousins, etc.

Help us not to stop sharing, we only ask that our case does not go unpunished please and that it reaches the right hands, we do not wish it on anyone and we will continue fighting until the end so that nothing stays like this and does not happen again to no one else.

Nobody wants to do anything for Ariel’s death, we want justice, that no judge tells us to stop fighting for our Lion. Justice for our Leoncito.