The Festa da Empanada launches a golf tournament

Jul 20, 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

Jul 20, 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

The management of the Festa da Empanada de A Bandeira continues with the campaign to promote the festival and this year includes as a novelty the celebration of a championship that will take place on the 23rd at the Val de golf club. The group will take advantage of that day to present the Festa da Empanada in the Concello de Rois after the previous day in A Bandeira.

The competition will be the I Festa da Empanada Golf Tournament, which is held in collaboration with the Val de Rois golf club, chaired by Ramón Otero Sotelo, a resident of A Bandeira. With this type of celebration, the group seeks to promote the Festa da Empanada in all possible spaces with the aim of achieving the declaration of Festival of National Tourist Interest.

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