The FIA’s harsh warning ahead of Formula 1’s grand definition

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next Sunday will define the Formula 1 champion. Max verstappen and Lewis hamilton They lead the table with 369.5 points e

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next Sunday will define the champion. and They lead the table with 369.5 points each, so whoever finishes ahead of the other will be the champion. However, as the Dutchman has 9 wins to 8 for the Englishman, if both are left out of the race, the Red Bull will be champion, and that triggered accusations from Mercedes of intentionally wanting to cause an accident.

Given this, the FIA decided to issue a harsh warning. Michael Masi, the entity’s race director, issued a serious warning to prevent the most intense and tight championship in history from being decided by an incident and made it clear that he will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior.

In the note prior to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which sent the teams, as usual, Masi included several specific clauses of the International Sporting Code related to the behavior of all team members, sporting conduct and the possible scope of penalties.

Items recalled by the FIA ​​before the last race

Article 9.15.1
“The Competitor will be responsible for all acts or omissions on the part of any person who participates or provides a service in relation to a Competition or a Championship on his behalf, including in particular his employees, direct or indirect, his pilots, mechanics, consultants , service providers or passengers, as well as any person to whom the Competitor has allowed access to the Reserved Areas “.

Article 12.2.1 – Breach of the rules and in particular Article 12.2.1.l
“Any infringement of the principles of fairness in the Competition, unsportsmanlike behavior or attempt to influence the outcome of a Competition in a manner contrary to sports ethics.”

Article 12.4.5
“For all FIA Championships, Cups, challenges, Trophies or Series, the stewards may also decide to impose the following sanctions: Suspension for one or more competitions, withdrawal of points in the Championship, Cup, Challenge, Trophy, or Series” .

Article 12.4.5.a
“Points must not be withdrawn separately from drivers and teams, except in exceptional circumstances.”