The first boxing event organized by Salta trainers is coming

September 14, 2022 – 02:00
It will take place on October 15 in the Vallle de Lerma with the participation of 15 amateur fights.

The valley begins to preheat. On October 15, the in Salta exclusively by will be held in the town of El Carril. In this way, and with the endorsement of the Provincial Boxing Union, chaired by Tartagalense Fabiola Soria, 15 female and male amateur fights will be held.
“The Union has turned around a bit and seeks to become an association or union of technicians, because it is a large group that permanently seeks to grow the activity in a united way,” revealed Soria.
In that sense, he stressed that “they are permanently trained with courses, they have licenses in optimal conditions and mainly they love boxing.”
It should be noted that the inscriptions close the next 20 of the current. For more information, contact +54 9 3873 69-0064.

It should be remembered that today, September 14, Boxer’s Day is celebrated. For this reason, Soria greeted the boxing family and mainly stressed that the work of the Provincial Union “is to improve the coach, who is the soul and creator of athletes.”
“We want to vindicate the coach and make him feel that permanent activity is essential for the growth of boxing in Salta,” he concluded.
For his part, the provincial boxing coordinator, Sergio Oliver Calvet, sent his greetings to the boxers on their day, emphasizing that “they are the salt of this wonderful activity.”
“I am very happy for the enormous growth that boxing has had in recent years in every corner of the province and I wish all boxers the best for strengthening the activity,” he concluded.
The origin of Boxer’s Day dates back to September 14, 1923. On this day, an Argentine boxer, Luis Ángel Firpo, faced one of the greatest boxers of that time, Matador de Manassas, Jack Dempsey, achieving the legalization of this sport. in Argentina.