The first Provincial Boxing Festival was held

Last Friday at 8:30 p.m. at the Alejandro “Guata” Navarro Sports Center facilities, the 'First Provincial Boxing Festival' took place with three

Last Friday at 8:30 p.m. at the Alejandro “Guata” Navarro Center facilities, the ‘First Provincial Boxing Festival’ took place with three boxing exhibitions with eight fights between boxers from Río Grande and Ushuaia that shook the historic foundations of the Municipal Sports Center that had a full house.


Continuing with the various activities of general interest, social, cultural and sports that the Municipality of Río Grande last Saturday, from 8:30 p.m. at the facilities of the Alejandro “Guata” Navarro Sports Center; held the ‘First Provincial Boxing Festival’ for the Youth and Senior category with great success, beginning the evening with three boxing exhibitions alongside local boxers who showed their high skills above the brand new ring, and eight spectacular fights between young boxers who represented our city, and the Riograndenses as hosts; since one of the fights was the epicenter of this special show (the only female fight), because Ainara Quiroga from the 2 de Abril School faced Noelia Candía from the Fin del Mundo School in a hard and throbbing fight, and that she achieved win all three rounds by split decision. Also highlighting the participation of Eric Barroco (Sur Ushuaia) who beat David Mercado (End of the World Gloves-Ushuaia) by points; Fernando Díaz (Escuela 2 de Abril) who won by abandonment of Luís Escalada (Zeus) in the third Raund; Cristian Medina (Municipal Academy) defeated Mauro Mansilla (Pascual Pérez) by unanimous decision; Iván Figueroa (Escuela 2 de Abril) won by unanimous decision over Brian Santander (Sur Box Ushuaia); Ezequiel Hervier (End of the World) who unanimously defeated Ángel Núñez (Escuela 2 de Abril); Joacim Coronel (End of the World) won by unanimous decision against Tomas Montaño (Pascual Pérez), and for the last fight of the night in the Major category up to 69 kilos in four rounds of 4X2, they faced Jonathan Flores (End of the World) against Jeremías Caruso (Ushuaia), and by decision of the jury the match ended in a draw. Detailing that, for this First Provincial Boxing Festival, which was successful since it had a very good impact, they acted as Judges; Luís Sánchez, Silvina Santana and Antonela Sánchez, and as Referees; Hernán Montecino and Luis Calisto.
In this regard, we talked with the Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Río Grande; Diego Radwanitzer detailed the following: “Today (Friday) we really experienced a true boxing party with eight quality fights, of a very good level and with a large audience that completely filled the Alejandro “Guata” Navarro Sports Center and that we are also launching together with the new Ring (for the boxers of the entire city, province, Patagonia and why not the Country), which is a great investment that we carry out with the Municipal executive, and precisely thinking about this, the power to generate these spaces for the community to meet and enjoy sports, boxing and all contact disciplines. Another thing that I must sincerely highlight, in addition to the exemplary boxing day that we were able to experience with local boxers and fighters from the city of Ushuaia, is also the exemplary behavior of the public that was appropriate to the circumstances, that with a full house; girls, boys, teenagers, fans of this discipline and entire families were able to enjoy the ‘First Provincial Boxing Festival’ at all times and with impeccable conduct, and I must say that it has been several years since we experienced an evening of these characteristics and with I would say several top-level fights, as well as the enjoyment of the exhibition fights that were very important for all those present, everything went successfully and these results encourage us to commit ourselves even more and thus unite criteria and work harder for our neighbors from Riograndenses, and what we have to do as a Municipality is to live up to the effort that our athletes are making”. “In addition, I must say that once again Rio Grande can be proud of the athletes it has, and today we all live a true celebration for the sport of this city with this unique boxing evening and with a Bronze Medal that we have given to our country with Dianela Leonardelli in Rosario, so we are happy, we are happy, we continue to invest in sports because we understand that it is a very powerful tool of transformation for people, for the community and for our entire society, we continue to work for this Rio Grande that we love so much and that, as we always say, is our home”. (Courtesy Hugo Orosco).