The five highest paid players in the NBA

07/17/2022 at 1

07/17/2022 at 17:00


Stephen Curry commands a list where Bradley Beal surprisingly appears

Westbrook is second ahead of Lebron and Durant

At the height of the transfer market, it is time to renegotiate and renew contracts for many of the stars. Among all of them stands out Stephen , brand new champion and MVP of the finals.

The Warriors guard will get a salary of 48.07 million dollars, which will motivate him to lead the Warriors to another title. The second in question is one of the most criticized for its performance. Russell is the second highest paid player in the league at $47.06 million.

Surprisingly it is ahead of a James, who is in his last year of contract with the Lakers and for the next season will earn 44.47 millions of dollars.

Durant and…Bradley Beal!

Despite the rumors that place him out of the Nets, Kevin Durant is the fourth highest paid player in the NBA, as the forward will get 44.11 million dollars. Behind him, one of the great surprises appears.

After extending his contract with the Wizards, Bradley Beal entered the select group of the highest paid basketball players, as he will earn 43.27 million dollars.