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“The flame of boxing is still burning”

After almost two years of standing due to injuries and a pandemic, Brenda Carabajal showed that over the years she has gained more experience above the ring, as she reflected last Friday in her victory by unanimous decision against Lilian Silva in Villa Mercedes, from Santiago, province of San Luis. Where she was dominating from start to finish in each of the rounds.

In addition, the months before the fight, the fighter from Palma Sola had done very hard physical work, which supported the technical part that could be above the ring. Despite this, she was seen very safe and with good timing, leaving behind the shoulder injury that had to mistreat her for a while.

In reference to the High Complexity Sports Center, the Jujuy fighter remarked that the project continues, “the gym is moving forward, there it was a bit delayed due to economic issues of which no one is unaware, but the idea is firm” , and thanked the support provided by the provincial government to this space that will be destined to all the public in general, who want to take it for competition, hobby, personal defense or a space where children can develop their skills in the sport of fists. “I am interested in being able to build a seedbed so that children’s boxing can give great projects to the province in the future,” concluded Brenda Carabajal.(Cesar Martinez)


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